You're not permitted to post shouts.
leonharfsReally? That's so weird... I wonder if anyone else is having that issue. What browser are you using?2011-03-25 17:46
ZippyDSMleewhiny troll is being whiny troll..I see no bans for eirk......I guess I just annoy GP the wrong way :P2011-03-25 16:09
ZippyDSMleeI am posting TL:DR stuff just fine.2011-03-25 13:44
tex13579also, why has the game of the day stopped updating???2011-03-25 13:01
tex13579yup. even clicking post reply it does not allow me to post anything...2011-03-25 13:01
kurisu7885I just noticed the shoutbox. How did I miss that....?2011-03-25 09:38
leonharfsIt's pretty awesome, ne? Haha2011-03-24 17:02
ZippyDSMlee*cuddles the new text editor*2011-03-24 16:51
leonharfsShould say Post Reply at the top or bottom of a thread.2011-03-24 14:49
leonharfsOh, must be an admin thing... and... You can't reply? o.O2011-03-24 14:47
tex13579Why am I not able to post replies to threads? It doesn't allow me to edit the "comment" box2011-03-24 13:13
ZippyDSMleetemp bans suck........ oh well I can still be annoying here :P2011-03-24 09:57
leonharfsI... kind of do that. Not extensively though.2011-03-24 00:18
ybinnyAny flash game programmers in the house?2011-03-23 17:06
XenithHi all :)2011-03-23 17:04
ZippyDSMleeTex:Or brains...they may be nomed on ^_~2011-03-23 15:58
tex13579no poo! No poo on these forums!2011-03-23 13:08
ZippyDSMleeWell bad grammar or sling'in poo :P2011-03-23 12:09
ZippyDSMleeBlood? *gets out the only weaopn he knows, grammar*2011-03-23 12:05
XenithLOL there will be blood!!! :P I like them and yes, there is always room to improve :D2011-03-22 22:14
leonharfsJeez... I should've reread that before I posted...2011-03-22 16:46
leonharfsHaha, yeah... this is it's initial stages. There will be improvements. Or... there will be blood. Either way.2011-03-22 16:46
ezacharykIts not so bad. It will be improved upon in the near future.2011-03-22 16:01
ZippyDSMleebbwwaiinnssssssss........*nibbles on forum designers some* ....ick...*walks away*2011-03-22 15:41
ZippyDSMleeMY EYES MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2011-03-22 15:31
Conejonew forums already suck.2011-03-21 21:14
adminWelcome to the new forums!2011-03-13 20:37