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ZippyDSMleeleonharfs: Well my only cirtuqe is the emphisis on the staff is that its made of chain when its not. I'm I over thinking that bit?2011-09-15 09:38
ZippyDSMleeleonharfs: LOL2011-09-15 09:36
leonharfsNew Max Payne 3 trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PbphJ8KMjo2011-09-14 22:20
leonharfsSomething like that.2011-09-14 13:00
leonharfsThe Staff of Darkness (S.O.D) is a dark magic based chain staff that can separate and cover the battlefield, and can also use the chain links as bullets. In its most powerful form it’s a separating scythe with a reach of 25 feet.2011-09-14 13:00
ZippyDSMleeNow hows that damnit!!! LOL2011-09-13 10:25
ZippyDSMleeThe Staff of Darkness or S.O.D is a dark magic based chained separating staff that can cover the battlefield with chain make2011-09-13 10:25
ZippyDSMleeridiculous long lengths of separating staff and use links as bullets. In its most powerful form it’s a separating scythe with a reach of 25 feet.2011-09-13 10:25
ZippyDSMleeok no repeting self, one more try at it2011-09-11 18:08
leonharfsOh goodness... Run-ons... Hahaha, I can't help but think that some of it is restating what's already there.2011-09-11 17:06
ZippyDSMleeof separating staff or using links as bullets but rather keep is as a scythe with a limited reach."Less words better understanding? Maybe? LOL2011-09-10 19:53
ZippyDSMleeDo over "The staff of darkness is a chained separating staff that can infinitely create more separated staff and chain. At its most potent form it's not used as a large scale weapon IE covering the battlefield with chain or making ridiculous long lengths2011-09-10 19:51
ZippyDSMleehttp://www.ecaforums.com/node/10275282011-09-10 15:11
ZippyDSMleeDXHR is not bad a shame its a bit consolized.2011-09-10 09:50
leonharfsI don't see why not2011-09-02 18:05
ZippyDSMleeleonharfs::THink it could be rearanged to be more clear?2011-09-01 09:19
leonharfsAnd that's pretty good for your writing without edits Zip. Haha2011-08-31 11:31
leonharfsO_O KN LIVES!!!2011-08-31 11:30
ZippyDSMleeWho was the moron that thought deus ex human revolution only needed 2 auto save slots?2011-08-31 09:33
ZippyDSMleeKN:*POUNCE LICK LUF SLAP DRY HUMPS* to you friend my friend!!!112011-08-30 16:58
ZippyDSMleereproduced an infinite number of times. In its most potent in more limited configurations IE as a separated staff, staff, scythe , the chain itself can be used to bind and or disrupt enemies on the battle field as well as fired like bullets. "2011-08-30 16:57
ZippyDSMleeTell me how confusing this is? "The Staff of darkness is a staff that can separate into near infinite pieces connected to each other by chain, both the chain and pieces can create more chain or a whole other staff piece, a basic scythe blade can also be r2011-08-30 13:26
KNI'm so glad Zippy is still here2011-08-30 06:52
XenithYes Jace Gears 3 WANT.NOW. :)2011-08-29 16:37
ZippyDSMleelol spam? LOL :P2011-08-24 20:34
ZippyDSMleeGGGRRRRRRR why is all modern RTSs are made for consoles? Stupid red alert 3 no speed control.........fckers have to learn I like my RTS slow so I can enjoy my coffee....2011-08-22 11:30
ZippyDSMleeppppffftttttt :P2011-08-17 10:55
leonharfsYeah, wasn't talking about CatmanDO there Zip. :p2011-08-17 00:51
ZippyDSMleeoh right....n/m LOL2011-08-16 19:58
ZippyDSMleeFunny my lnk is showing up at the right page. MMMmmmm2011-08-16 19:58