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ZippyDSMleeFrom the PS3 menu, you have to elave a game go to settings find displey settings then change display mode to scart/Composite or svid/HDMI then selct the sound output . SD TV needs to be used for SD games IMO they just look better.2011-11-03 11:26
leonharfsOn the tv itself? Or from the XMB?2011-11-02 20:52
ZippyDSMleeYou have to go into the menu and switch the disply modes.2011-11-02 10:56
leonharfsHahaha, it all makes sense now. :p2011-11-01 23:53
ZippyDSMleePS3 I mean ><2011-10-31 19:47
leonharfsI wouldn't know.2011-10-31 12:39
ZippyDSMleeman I wish the PS2 would output to a/v at the same time it dose HDMI....its annoying to switch them.2011-10-31 11:08
ZippyDSMleeGetting it ready for ghost rider.2011-10-27 22:27
leonharfsHow are you playing Demon's Souls on a PS2 O.o2011-10-26 11:24
ZippyDSMleebah my PS2 has a bad motor or a fuse...hope its the motor thats easy to replace.2011-10-25 22:52
leonharfsHow do you like the dragons in it? They look way more amazing than any I've seen in the footage of Skyrim.2011-10-25 17:21
ZippyDSMleeGreat I don't even want to know whats up with the last aera of ther swamp ><2011-10-25 14:04
ZippyDSMleeDirty colosus is dead! YAY!2011-10-25 13:33
ZippyDSMleeFlame demon is cheap.... if it were not for the crap stroon around the aera I would have killed it by now......2011-10-25 09:03
leonharfsGood times. Beat SotC last night, because ICO was getting frustrating. Plus, I've always enjoyed Shadow a lot more. Not sure I'll get to play anything for a while now... busy busy.2011-10-24 11:05
ZippyDSMleeStone spider is dead...I wish it were not....the cave incests are hella tough makes the swamps look fun >>2011-10-24 09:35
ZippyDSMleegetting that..... >>2011-10-23 22:27
ZippyDSMleeI plan on getter than and the DMC HD pack!2011-10-23 14:50
leonharfsSo, I'm replaying Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and... well, I forgot how frustrated I would get with Ico. Damn shadows...2011-10-22 12:03
ZippyDSMleeLeechmonger is dead the poison swamps are a drag, need mre anti poisin lotus's!2011-10-22 10:06
leonharfsOh yeah. Hahahaha, forgot you weren't playing Dark Souls. Good times.2011-10-21 12:36
ZippyDSMleeIt is demons souls :P2011-10-21 12:31
leonharfsAwesome. Sounds a lot like Demons Souls. Hahaha, and no, I never beat that. I got too many games (I believe Uncharted 2 came out soon after DS), so I got caught up in those.2011-10-20 20:07
jameselvinanybody online?2011-10-20 16:13
ZippyDSMleeSo killed off the tower knight, can't go any farther due to needing to kill off soem archdemon and I am stuck can't kill off the leechmonger and the stone spider is awesomely cheap, can't even kill off the knight enar the start of the other level....2011-10-20 13:09
ZippyDSMleeDOse not sound liek you finished Demon souls? :P2011-10-16 15:40
leonharfsAlso, beat Resistance 3, and am now playing the God of War Origins Collection. Beat Chains yesterday, Ghost is sometime in the next week I think.2011-10-16 14:58
leonharfsHahaha, I haven't played Demons Souls since it first came out. However, I really want to play Dark Souls...2011-10-16 14:57
ZippyDSMleeDemon souls...you suck at archery!2011-10-16 12:19
ZippyDSMleeOk finally got to level up, evil game is still evil tho.2011-10-15 22:13