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ZippyDSMleeEh I have been told its sreepier with me around...... I just do not talk alot IRL..... the net is the place I make a fool of myself :P2011-04-08 09:41
leonharfsHe does it every now and then. Might be his health issues acting up, or something else. I don't live anywhere near him, otherwise I'd swing by.2011-04-08 01:38
XenithLol... yeah it's kinda creepy quiet without Zippy around :P2011-04-07 17:46
JDKJHopefully it's nothing more than him fretting the looming federal shutdown and the possible effect on his disability check.2011-04-07 14:52
JDKJDoes someone wanna swing by his house and check up on him? That he hasn't made an appearance on either the front or back pages in days is very unlike the Zipster.2011-04-07 14:48
leonharfsMaybe he hasn't been online... he hasn't posted on here in a few days either.2011-04-07 14:31
JDKJHow come Zippy-Dee-Doo-Dah hasn't been babbling in the GP Shoutbox? Did he get himself banned? Again?2011-04-07 12:51
leonharfsShe said it was a 3D system... wouldn't it make sense to call it a 3DS? It's clever... I don't understand people sometimes.2011-04-03 21:59
leonharfsI just heard a News Announcer call the 3DS a Nintendo DS 3... Why? How does that make sense? It's like the 358/2 Kingdom Hearts game, or Dissidia Duodecim. I can see those being messed up. But 3DS? Just read it from left to right! Stupid...2011-04-03 21:57
leonharfsTop right "search box" thing. Type in whatever, it'll look up posts by default. Change it with the User tab. Should be what you are looking for.2011-04-03 14:28
ZippyDSMleeand looking up a user name? how do you do that?2011-04-02 00:34
leonharfsOr, there is an icon underneath the "Joined" part of a person's post on the left hand side. That will do the same.2011-03-31 12:53
leonharfsThere should be a PM system now Zippy... click on a user's name which will bring you to their profile, and at the bottom it should say "Send this user a message."2011-03-31 12:49
ZippyDSMleeSo I can not contact via piravte means other than email which goes to the site and not him.2011-03-31 08:32
ZippyDSMleeAlso no PM system2011-03-31 08:31
ZippyDSMleeAnd ya he unbaned me.2011-03-31 08:29
ZippyDSMleeMembers list, we no has it.2011-03-31 08:29
XenithZippy, can you please msg the moderator directly rather than using shout box? Thanks2011-03-30 19:08
leonharfsProbably at some point today. What time of the day were you banned? Temp bans usually go to the hour of when you were originally banned.2011-03-30 14:00
ZippyDSMleeOk its Wednesday he said he'd unban me on Wednesday so why am I still baned!!2011-03-30 11:37
ZippyDSMleeWell not being entertaining enough dose not help :P2011-03-29 23:47
JDKJNo, Zippy, you are retarded and that's why you get banned.2011-03-29 21:35
ZippyDSMleebbwwaaaiiinnssssss*shuffle shuffle*2011-03-29 14:40
ZippyDSMleeFF 4.8 since I got a thing that dose multi rob bookmarks...but god.... 1.2GB ram used at times..... I haz to turn it off when I am doing soemthing recorse inentisve...2011-03-27 19:10
leonharfsIE9? Haven't tried that with the forums yet. Though I wouldn't imagine it would be an issue.2011-03-27 14:37
tex13579I'm using IE2011-03-27 09:06
XenithNice Jase :)2011-03-27 00:15
leonharfsFirst ban on these forums... Went better than expected. Very simplistic... Though I think I need to find a way to go about temp bans in case we need those.2011-03-26 14:46
ZippyDSMleeI am not entertaining enough so I get temp bans :P2011-03-26 10:37
ZippyDSMleeI am refering to erik on the main site shout box >>2011-03-26 10:37