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ZippyDSMleeDeomons souls makes MMOs look fun 0-02011-10-15 10:40
leonharfsSo it is2011-10-14 15:10
ZippyDSMleeIts fixed now.2011-10-13 00:06
leonharfsYeah, no kidding. :/ No idea what's going on in the backend. I've noticed changes in the moderating the past few weeks, but I'm not sure about the chatbox. It seemed fine to me...2011-10-12 21:29
ZippyDSMleeSomeone needs to fix the word clipping in this shoutbox....2011-10-12 09:42
ZippyDSMleeLOL I should be a mod, since this place is pretty much dead :P2011-10-12 09:04
leonharfsAlso, Zip, the amount of activity is pretty low because I always have to delete/ban the new stuff. The majority of it is a trap.2011-10-10 18:13
leonharfsI've just been messing around in Uncharted 32011-10-08 14:35
leonharfsOoooh, let me know what you think. I really wanted to play that2011-10-08 14:35
ZippyDSMleeLOL Got rage going to try and ply it after stalker clear sky.2011-10-08 12:06
leonharfsanyone, though. So that's cool. And I beat it on Give Me Deus Ex difficulty, so yeah... easy game. Not sure what I'll play next... maybe Resistance 3.2011-10-07 12:58
leonharfsMore or less. Haha, I get on every couple of days, depending on how busy I am. It was daily. Also, beat Deus Ex. I apparently set off an alarm at some point... though I think I know where. Going to try and fix that. I did get the trophy for not killing2011-10-07 12:57
ZippyDSMleeI'm I the only one on here daily?2011-10-07 11:26
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ZippyDSMleeGood luck with that.2011-10-04 11:07
leonharfsSecond was better. I just feel like it should be more... I don't know, tactical. Second boss took me thirty seconds on my first try. Trying to save Malik without killing anyone right now.2011-10-01 11:36
ZippyDSMleeI enjoyed them.2011-09-29 12:28
leonharfsBoss fights are stupid, thus far. Weakest part of the game.2011-09-25 14:22
ZippyDSMleesave out grenades for boss fights >>2011-09-22 22:54
leonharfsMy MGS instincts kicked in while playing it. Seems fun so far. Have yet to use any weapons.2011-09-22 19:32
leonharfsI started Deus Ex the other day, but only got to play a couple hours. Finished the first mission (where the guy has the girl hostage). Managed to make it through the game so far on the hardest difficulty without killing anyone or being seen, sooo yeah.2011-09-22 19:32
ZippyDSMleeStatering up stalker clear skies....for the thrid time LOL, just found the complete mod for it and moded the shotguns accery mod to take shotshells...fun stuff :P2011-09-22 09:54
ZippyDSMleeNo it can still be used but I wouod not trust it with 100LB in it >>2011-09-17 16:45
leonharfsSo... do you have to buy a new one? Hahaha2011-09-17 16:32
leonharfsAwesome :)2011-09-17 16:31
ZippyDSMleekilled uncels trailer hauling some dirt....well bashing it with the front end loader on the tracotr did not help any......LOL Got my dirt moved tho, about 2 full scopes of the front end loder bucket.(300-600LB of dirt)2011-09-17 14:41
leonharfsAll right. Just really busy. you?2011-09-17 12:20
ZippyDSMleeYa soemthing like that, I guess I am over thinking it. How have you been BTW?2011-09-17 10:48
leonharfsWhat's it made of? I figured there were chain links inbetween the bits of staff. I imagined it similar to Ivy's sword in Soul Calibur.2011-09-16 16:33