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For those of you who have never heard of either of these games, let me just start by saying wow just where have you been for the past 2~ years?


Alright lets start with AoR and Gunz in general.First AoR stands for Art of Revolution. And Gunz is a thirdperson shooter. In gunz you get a LARGE variety of guns and other weapons. You can customize your character with really kickass clothing and costumes to match your faverite character all of these can be mix and matched to your own personal preference. The combat is smooth and easy to learn. for those of you with the less capable computer, rejoice, this game requires very little resources to run. the hardest this game will tax your rig is with the first load then after that it is all smooth sailing from there.


Now i can hear you now. Why play on AoR? well that is a great question, and my answer is this. Firstly we have a nice close community and we don't put up with bullies,jerks, ect. we have great staff and admins that will actually listen to your input and problems. Plus our Gunz has well over 50 weapons. ranging from the Handcannon from Resident Evil 4 to samus's missle launch, you can call down airstrikes and nukes, you can also weild sepphiroth's deadly masamune sword of sora,coat of ichigo,the joker suit, crysis armor you can use CQC for you MGS fans or you can shoop da woop with the lazor sword or you can go all leather face and use his  massive chainsaw. And if your a bleach fan/fanatic, plain and simple you will belong. tons of bleach weaponry ranging from ichigo's plain sword to his bankai (two versions of his bankai, one with controllable speed and another that teleports you) also there is kenpachi's sword. Also did i mention we have a tank? airstrikes, nukes, bankai, and tanks man that could only spell trouble.


And just recently we have added a minecraft server. We recently started up a new map. with creepers and other mobs. But don't fret over creeper damage we have a plugin that prevents world damage. We have a kind and mature community on our server. I wont say that everyone will stop and help you when you ask. But we are helpful most the time. our servers philosophy is that you have to mine it to build it. That said we don't have kits or giveme commands. if you want something you'll have to mine for it yourself, ask, or trade for it. the server all in all is pretty lax on rules, but for those that play MC know that griefing is never allowed.



Here is the link to the website.


a small trailer thatI believe doesn't show off just how great the game is

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