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Sometimes I hear that the Videogame Industry has never been able to protect itself, that sometimes it is the gamers that have to defend the Videogame Industry every time when politics gets Videogames in trouble.

Well where I live in Australia, I am not as lucky as you people in America and Japan. I consider you guys the lucky ones.

With some people in the Government trying to stop the R18+ rating in Australia and also with the mandatory Internet Filter. It seems the freedoms that I once enjoyed are being attacked and I know there is nothing I can do about it.

I am more better to just walk away, and this is a poem I had written about it all.



Sometimes it is better to just walk away.

That is what my old man tells me.

Like when bullies tease you and bully you at school.

When you walk away, they get no response,

So they just kick you and punch you and they demand a response.

But in the end, no matter how hard they bash you, it is more better to just walk away.

Go to a new school even if other kids will try to bully you too at the new school.

Keep walking away, because if you stay and fight then you are going to be burned big time.

If not from the bully, then you are going to be burned by the teacher who sees you fighting the bully and you will be the one who gets the punishment.

Sometimes it is better to just walk away.

That is what my old man tried to teach me.

When you are playing sport and you try to take possession of the ball.

But then the umpire holds you up because you had tackled the opponent illegally,

There is nothing you can do, just obey the umpire or walk away to the bench to cool off.

For if you try to argue against the umpire, telling him/her that he/she is blind.

They may be wrong, but the umpire is always right even if they are wrong.

For if there was no umpire, there would be a game with no rules and it would be allot more worse than it is now.

Sometimes if you can't understand it, it is better to just walk away so you can get some time to understand it.

Sometimes it is better to walk away.

That is what my old man found out in his life.

A Promise with the mouth or a simple handshake is believed to be stronger than any signed contract.

But sometimes people don't keep their promises.

When they say that what ever is yours is yours alone and you have full control over it, when it is in their property and they have full control over it then what you have on their property is out of your own control.

They can get rid of it without even telling you, or if they do tell you, they will still do it anyway even if you tried to tell them not to because they had made a promise to you.

Sometimes it is better to walk away because if you stay then things will get worse between you and what was your best friend or family member.

Sometimes it is better to walk away.

That is what I have experienced.

When you tell someone a secret that you have never told other people, they are suppose to keep it to themselves.

But humans are very talkative people who always love communication.

And when they talk to other people about things, if they don't want to talk about themselves then they just talk about other people and from one conversation to another it comes up as gossip.

And when you find out that when that person has betrayed your trust, and then starts to make jokes about you in front of others for laughs and it is hurtful to you,

that is when you start walking away.

Even though they were your work-mate, your boss, your friend.

You can't really be around people who will treat you like that.

Even if it means you will be back on the unemployment line, even if it means that you will not find a job in this tough economic time for a while,

You still walk away because like before with school bullying it is better to walk away than to try and fight against them.

You will only be hurt in the end.

Sometimes it is better to walk away.

That is the future that I will be facing.

We have this belief that we all have a right to the freedom of speech and expression

But when something I love on the internet is the very thing that many people don't like.

And when some political group is trying to get that thing banned not only in this country but also in the entire internet, then that is when your freedom of speech and expression is being attacked.

But there are some times when the law is not always on your side.

Sometimes the law can be twisted by politics because it was the politics that made those laws in the first place.

And laws are different from various countries.

When something you like that other people don't like becomes banned and you lose that very thing you like on the internet so much, it is like the same thing when you have been bullied, teased, things have not gone your way and sometimes when people you thought you could trust have betrayed you.

That is when you learn the painfully hard lesson that sometimes you need to just walk away and see what happens.

If the decision is your way, then you can stay.

But if the decision is against you, and you might be facing some trouble when people find out that you like what is considered to be banned, then that is when you need to move to another country.

Even if it means that you will miss your family and friends, it is better like that rather than staying at home and getting in trouble with the law if it goes against your way even though you were meant to have the freedom of speech and expression to protect you.

That is my life at the moment,

and I know there is nothing I can change.

People will always bully me, tease me, try to put laws against what I like and limit my ability to just be myself.

But no matter what happens, I am prepared to just walk away.

Because I can only live once and I'd rather live a happy life instead of trying to fight against people all the time.



"Sometimes life places all sorts of challenges in front of you, and the only way to overcome them is with attitude and spirit"

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