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This is a section from my Princess Peach fanfiction story I have been writing on and I was just wondering what you all thought about this little insert from my story.


Later on, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy are in the bathroom with Princess Peach in the shower and Princess Daisy in the large bath tub.
“Hey Daisy?” Peach asked.
Princess Daisy looked back to her friend in the shower from where she was sitting.
“Yes Peachy love?” Daisy replied.
Princess Peach was in deep thought.
“I was thinking about all those poor Otaku people. Like they love their Anime, their Manga, their Videogames yet they get portrayed so horribly though the mainstream media all because no one has never bothered in trying to understand them. People say that Otaku are just young men who are losers who can’t get girlfriends. But yet those same Otaku are not just young men, Many Otaku are women too.
There are Shohen and Shojho Otakus and there are also Otakus who like Ecchi and even Hentai. Some Otaku love Yuri and some love Yaoi. There are many people who are Otaku. Yet when it comes to the mainstream media, they get portrayed as losers who have no life.
But yet, when I clearly think about it, many people who watch the news and get depressed or angry with the world because of all the horrible things that are happening in the world. I just think that they are the ones who should be getting a life.
Because watching the news all the time makes me sad, but I chose to not watch the news and instead focus on the good things in life and when it comes to the Otaku and what they do. I guess there is nothing wrong about the Otaku.
The Otaku love to do what they enjoy doing, and their lives are far more happier than those who are sad and depressed with that they see on the news.
And yet, these people on news media and radio talk shows, hearing what they say about the Otaku is just awful yet no one ever stands up for the Otaku.
Maybe because the Otaku have the right minds, they just don’t respond.
I sometimes think that the people on the news and radio talk shows that tease the Otaku calling them losers with no lives.
Well they are just bullies who pick on people who can’t fight back.
Otaku people don’t need to be made fun of because they are different.
Otaku people are real people who just need a bit of love and respect.
And also, from the way I see it, mainstream media has always had a history of making fun out of people who are different. They give people from different religions a hard time saying their god is not the real god, they call homosexuals fags and make them feel like they should not be allowed to be married.
Some mainstream media people are just awful when it comes to how they treat women.
Some mainstream media people love to gossip about celebrities and make lies about their private life just to make money from sensationalism. So in a way, people who make fun of other people are just bullies in society and it is only those few minority groups who get hurt in the process know what the real mainstream media people are.
And if people in mainstream media really do that just to attract ratings for their news and radio shows, then all they are doing is loosing their audience.
Because when someone is emotionally hurt, then their family won’t be watching the news anymore.
And from one family there would be their own friends and families.
Then suddenly all over the world people will be turning off the news and turning off the radio shows and mainstream media people would lose their audience and eventually their jobs because of the way they treat people who are different.
And the people like the Otaku, who are better off not even watching the news and radio shows that go on and on about the horrible world we live in, the Otaku are playing their favourite Videogames, watching their favourite Anime and reading their favourite Manga that they always love to do. And they are perhaps the happiest people in the world.
So maybe people should just give the Otaku a break and focus more of respecting other people, trusting only a few and going wrong to no one.
Because that is what I think what we should all do in life. Turn off the news, turn off the radio and stop reading the newspaper. And instead start doing the things that make us happy in our lives.
We may not really be smart or intelligent, but if we know how to be happy then we are perhaps the wisest people in the world.”


what do you think?

I was also relating this to Gamers too, but since that the Otaku are being attacked with recent events I thought I may as well write something in support of the Otaku culture.


"Sometimes life places all sorts of challenges in front of you, and the only way to overcome them is with attitude and spirit"

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