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The enjoyment of Videogames

By TBoneTony

There was a comment from my future Bro-in-law when in regards to be videogame collection.

He said that the good thing about my videogame collection is that I have Videogames of many different types and genres and that I don't always have just one particular type of game.

I guess that is a credit to the number of Videogames I had got and how diverse my collection is.

To be honest, my Videogame collection is HUGE for some people, but I also know that other more HARD CORE Gamers have videogame collections that completely dwarf my own.

That is because for people who are lucky enough to earn enough money in their teenage life, they buy videogames because they enjoy them.

And when it comes to a kid, then they have to rely on a parent for the Videogame money and when they grow into an adult who has got a house and a mortgage, then buying videogames becomes allot more harder.

That is why I had to save up allot of money just to buy the Videogames I have, and even sometimes buy a few cheaper games at bargain prices while getting the games I REALLY want at the moment when they are first released.

It is not easy to save up money in this depressing time of a Global Financial Crisis, but yet when you have work to do in the day and family life to deal with as soon as you get back from work. Then nothing beats getting back to just playing a few Videogames for an hour or two before you go to sleep.

Of course this takes up TV time, but then before TV was in the world then there used to be so many other things that people would do for entertainment.

Like taking their kids for walks outside before it got dark, how many families do that these days???

The thing is, people don't really understand much about Videogames.

Even if you have been working at a Videogame Company for more than 8 to 10 years you still won't know anything about Videogames unless if you stop and took the TIME to just sit for an hour, two hours or even for a 4 to 6 hour game session when you get the TIME to in your life just to finally understand WHY Videogames are such a great part of your entertainment life.

Life can be serious and sometimes the hardships in life can drag your spirit down into the mud and you feel like life is not worth living.

But when I play a Videogame, one that I have no knowledge of ever completing before, then I am sucked into a world of my former childhood and there are times when challenges are presented to me that I must overcome to complete the game.

There are some games that are difficult, some games that are easy and I am able to play them in short bursts.

And at the end of it all, no matter how long I was playing it. 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or maybe 4 or 6 hours I am feeling like today was a wonderful day because I had taken the TIME to play a game that I really enjoyed playing.

And that is it...That is what Videogames are meant to be for.

Videogames are special not because of their educational value, Videogames are not special because of the way some people can get fit or work out their muscles on them.
Videogames are not special because they can help me work out problem my solving skills.

Videogames are special because they are FUN!!!!

And that is the reason why...the reason why I am so happy to call myself a Gamer because I enjoy playing Videogames.

Perhaps people are expecting too much out of videogames.
Some people want videogames to replace other aspects of life like helping children to be more educational.
Some people want videogames to make people fit and improve their healthy life style.
Some people want videogames to help people work out their problem solving skills in their lives.

Maybe we as society have been so obsessed with Movies, Music, TV and other entertainment media being highly regarded as more than what they really were that in order to be accepted in mainstream society that Videogames must be the new Movies, the new Music or the new TV in order for other people to take videogames more seriously in their lives.

But the real issue here is that the more we try to appeal to those types of people who expect us to jump though flaming hoops of fire just to prove the worth of Videogames in society, then the less and less we enjoy Videogames as a whole all because some people who are in political power to influence the attitudes of the Mainstream are trying to dictate what they want Videogames to be like in their opinions and not about what WE love videogames to be like in our opinions.

There are so many different types of Videogames from different consoles and appeal for different ages and different tastes.

For every Violent Videogame like Madworld I have, there are also a few family friendly games like Mario and even Wii Sports I also have.

For every game with Zombies or Aliens I have where you have to kill, I also have a few games like Pokemon or even Endless Ocean where you have to capture and train animals. Sometimes you just explore the world just to find what is new and wonderful or what sort of things you can find within the deepest ocean or the smallest area of grass.

Within many games that I have got where you need to save a princess or a girl from some monster, there are also games that I have that are about strong and courageus women who are able to protect themselves from anything that might try to kill them.
(or in some obscure Japanese games, something far more worse than death)

Sure mainstream society might try to pit the best of what Movies, Music and TV have to offer against the worst of what Videogames have to offer, but these people from the mainstream are the very same people who once pitted the worst of Movies, Music and TV against the best of Books, Shakespeare plays and the works of Art while also discriminating the other newer media as nothing but as waste of time and money.

And long before Movies, Music and Videogames there were other people of that same type pitting the best of passages from the Bible against the worst of Books, Shakespeare plays and the works of Art and discriminating them as nothing but as waste of time and money.

the thing is. to hell with those people who criticize videogames as being nothing more than shooting Aliens, Zombies and girls with bikinis who do nothing but chop monsters with large Axes.

It is them who have a problem, not the Videogame Industry.


"Sometimes life places all sorts of challenges in front of you, and the only way to overcome them is with attitude and spirit"

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