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Welcome to the wonderful world of buggy gaming I hope you enjoy your 40$ nightmare LOL after 4 days of tinkering I have found a few ways to get BS working a bit better and if you can read zippy then this thread might help you ^^


If this game is crashy there are a few things you can do to make it behave

first off you need the newest beta drivers to even think of running it 163.67 or higher

even with the beta drivers the game can simply lock them up so you will need to reboot before you play it this saves a lot of aggravation and deals with some crash issues.

High shaders and post processing can cause issues if the game is not running right try turning it off and

[SIZE=4]Settings and optimizing [/SIZE]
To hide the user files from the ...user...they placed them in not my documents but
C:\Documents and Settings\ADMIN\Application Data\Bioshock
WARNING back them up,also you an adjust the default files if you do so then back them up because you'll have to reinstall the game if you screw them up(I miss just moving some files from the install disc and god forbid they have a repair install option).

Also when the game crashes it places a running.ini there that resets the user INIs (like this will fix any real issues) anyway backup your settings once you get your keys/settings setup the constant resetting is annoying as hell and being treated like a comp noob by the game lack of options and settings and menus is almost to much its shame they ported this from the 360 and not actually worked on this port crashing aside there is not reason for a PC game to act like a cheap console port even the mouse system is broken more on that later.

[B]Mouse settings[/B]
In the bioshock.ini

set to true or false (on/off)

these "might" help or hurt mouse lag however I find these do nothing since the game measures input slightly "diffrently" than most however these are common fixes so I will list them, they are found under [WinDrv.WindowsClient] and [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] ([XeDrv.XenonClient] is for the 360 so ignore it), when they are off the mouse will lag and oer all I find that adjusting the raw mouse speed in the user.ini to be a better solution.

[B]Mouse Sensitivity[/B]
If you are like me and find the in menu mouse setting to only make the mouse move more drunkenly or with a stutter then heres the fix for you, as always make a backup.

First off in the bioshock.ini set MouseSensitivity=1.000000
its under [ShockGame.ShockUserSettings] near the end of the text file this is important for adjusting the real mouse data.

In the user ini uder [Engine.Input] (it a few pages down and its the upper most of them,there are 6 or so more it controls each mouse UI interface individually )

MouseX=IF_MOUSE_LOOK_ENABLED Count bXAxis | IF_MOUSE_LOOK_ENABLED Axis aMouseX Speed=[B]1000.0-5500.0[/B]
MouseY=IF_MOUSE_LOOK_ENABLED Count bYAxis | IF_MOUSE_LOOK_ENABLED Axis aMouseY Speed=[B]1000.0-5500.0[/B]

800-1200 DPI 4000.0-5500.0 seems to be the best setting
1600-2000 DPI 1500.0-2000.0 seems to be the best setting

I have a 6 mode mouse 600-2500 DPI,the higher the DPI the lower the mouse number needs to be a high DPI and high mouse number will lead to mad lagging.

If you want to have all the user interfaces match the mouse speed you like use MS word to replace all the defaulted numbers the default number is 2500.0

[B]Locked keys/console[/B]
P is locked for pause if your like me and sue it for a button combenation for the mouse you'll have to go into the user ini and swap it with what you want.

There is no console (so much for a dual launch its a freaking port) but you can bind commands/cheats to buttons in the user ini.

These can help performance
Under [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] or [D3DDrv10.D3DRenderDevice10] (if you are using DX10)

LevelOfAnisotropy=[B]1-16 (1 off)[/B] (The lower the better the performance)

TesselationFactor=[B]0.500000-3.000000[/B] (adds curves to objects raises ploy count,the default is 1.000000 )

AvoidHitches=[B]True[/B] (Smooths out the game but lowers over all frame rates)

HavokNumThreads=2 (set to number of Cores/CPUs)

Also under [ShockGame.ShockUserSettings]
bReverb (reverb option in menu, can create crashes on non sound blaster cards)

PostProcessing (smoothing effect with it on it lowers frame rates, this is in the menu options)

HighDetailShaders (while it might cause problems the game is not worth running without it it can save some frames with it off, its also in the menu)

Also you can turn Vsync off it might help raise frame rates but I hate tearing so I leave it on.

[B]Install issues[/B]
Install tokens are not given back,they only count to each install on a new OS, you can call in to get it reset much like MS's activation setup.

If you can't get the game to activate it could be a firewall issue turn off the firewall or add it to permissions.
If the game refuses to run right for you you'll have to wait on a patch and there is a patch for SM2 cards being made


Ah modern gaming its like modern film only the watering down of fiction and characters is replaced with shallow and watered down mechanics, gimmicks and shiny-er "people".
Incoherence is my friend and grammar my bane, which is the fulcrum of suffering I place upon others!:ZippyDSMlee

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