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Some GP readers may remember when last november, GP [URL=http://gamepolitics.com/2006/11/12/sunday-editorial-roundup-appalachian-state-editor-gives-games-cold-shoulder/]ran a story[/URL] about [URL=http://theapp.appstate.edu/content/view/1685/41/]an opinion article in [I]The Appalachian Online[/I] entitled [I]Video Games Too Inappropriate[/I][/URL], written by then-associate editor Clair Baxter (now editor in chief) in november 9th. The article was quite harsh against video game medium, and was criticized, essentially because chosen examples of "inappropriate games" were sometimes surprising, such as [I]Phantasmagoria[/I].

However, careful readers may also remember that in the same edition of [I]The Appalachian Online[/I], journalist Jon LaFontaine (also Associate Editor for Production Operations) [URL=http://theapp.appstate.edu/content/view/1684/41/]wrote an opinion article about the benefits of video games[/URL] entitled [I]Video games teach, entertain[/I].

Well, in the yesterday edition of [I]The Appalachian Online[/I], the same Jon Lafontaine [URL=http://theapp.appstate.edu/content/view/2464/41/]wrote another opinion article[/URL] entitled [I]Video games bring benefits to gamers, lowers crime rate[/I], where he argues that [I]"one of the reasons the crime rates are going down with youths, is the introduction of violent video games."[/I]

Just read :

[QUOTE=Jon LaFontaine][B][U]Video games bring benefits to gamers, lowers crime rate[/U][/B]
Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Where would society be today without video games?

Society would simply be Pleasantville, complete with strict black and white regulations. Life would be colorless and meaningless. It would cease to exist as we know it and take a sour turn half past
depression and on towards death.

Now of course, this might be a slight exaggeration, but video games add more to everyone’s personal wellbeing than you would imagine.

Even if you do not play video games, someone close to you playing still affects your lifestyle greatly.

To the specific individuals who play video games on a regular basis, I salute you. To those who choose not to play video games, well, we are still affecting you whether you like it or not.

One of the greatest types of video games is the extremely violent “fighting” game. Now, I’m sure someone out there is saying, “OMG, I can’t believe anyone would support such a terrible, terrible game style.”

The truth is, one of the reasons the crime rates are going down with youths, is the introduction of violent video games.

There are many studies to combat both sides of this statement, but the simple logical fact is that people are angry.

When people get angry, they turn green and smash things. If only Bruce Banner played more video games.

Violent video games offer a way to channel aggressive energy, essentially expending it from your body making you more relaxed and less likely to suffer from Hulk-itis.

Aside from the aggression easing effects from video games, there are many other great elements that provide self-improvement.

According to a study conducted by Tammy McGraw, an education specialist with the Appalachian Educational Laboratory, children with attention deficit disorder gain a quicker ability to recall information after playing video games like “Dance, Dance, Revolution.”

Also taking into account, that games such as “DDR” and systems like the Nintendo Wii, provide exercise and movement along with video game enjoyment. You can have your cake and eat it too, especially since you’ll be burning those calories.

And as my last point, visual skills are increased through playing video games.

“According to the experiments, which are reported in the May 29 issue of Nature, people who play action video games can process visual information more quickly and can track 30 percent more objects than non video game players,” according to an article written by John Roach for National Geographic News.

Aside from the personal benefits of playing, the people around you are affected greatly by your choice in games.

If you play a lot of aggressive games, there might be a chance that you have a higher tolerance.

If you play games that force you to exercise, then your friends can check out those chiseled abs and bulging biceps.

If you play games that increase your visual capabilities, then you can finally dish off those extra carrots at dinner to your “non-gaming” sight challenged friends.

Needless to say, in this primordial soup we call life, gamers are those necessary spices.

Next time you come across a gamer, don’t ask them if they would rather read a book, but instead, give them a hug and tell them thank you for saving us from a fate worse than death: Life without video games.


(Jon LaFontaine is a junior journalism major from Asheville and is the Associate Editor for Production Operations.)[/QUOTE]

Not sure I would agree with this, but it was very funny.


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