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I been thinking on and of how Chakara would be handled in a Video game I came up with this

Either a DUAL HP system where you run out of either one you are knocked out

Or a HP and 100% Body meter when you do some moves and or take heavy damage it will effect this meter when the meter hits 0 u die.



the main thing about molding chakara the better you are the less you use every 20 or so points of wisdom 1/8 less used

When chakara is 100% you heal a 10th of max HP when you go into a state that increases your normal max of chakara you heal a little more,bascily chakara is tied to HP in some way.

Wisdom How well you mold chakara and adds damage with non Physical damageing Jistu
Intelligence Is smart you are and adds to molding chakara and adds damage non Physical damageing Jistu
Agility Standard RPG hit miss %
Defense How sturdy you are how many HP you have
Will power The power to draw out more chakara
Stamina How much CHakara you have adds to HP as well
Strength How much Damage you do and how fast your CHakara recovers
Delay Might seem like a pain but less than half of all moves are canceled when you get hit ,the quicker you are the faster you do hand seals
Chakara recovery rate : Chakara heals over time,1/8th every 30ish points every turn,and half that when you are below 1/4th HP.
HP: how many points before you die
Chakara: how many points t use move and when zero or below you are passed out.
Tools: How well you handle tools
Non Physical Damage and and healing: How good you are at Non Physical Damage and and healing techniques
Mold Chakara: How well you conserve charaka when using a attack

Non Physical Damage and and healing jistu:NPH
M:Molding Chakara
Defense:DEF :is not only tied to HP but also the higher the less likely you are to take damage
CHakara recovery rate:CRR
Chakara Points: CP

Stats part 2

Wisdom M+4 NPH+4
Intelligence T+4 M + 1 NPH +1
Agility T+ 2 DE +4 Ag+4
Defense DEF+2 HP +4
Will Power CH+6 CRR+ 3 HP+1
Stamina CH+2 HP +2 CRR+1
Strength DM+4 HP +2 CRR + 1

Basic moves will take some chakara
Medium moves will take some chakara and a few HP
Heavy moves will take some chakara and alot of HP but some will replenish HP while they are active then halve the current HP/Chakara

Ok so i got stats big fliping deal its what you do with the that counts I am still trying to figure out how Chakara recovery works I was thinking a direct port of points 20=2.0 but when I look at the stats and think of how long a fight would last a normal fight would be 1-2 rounds a hard fight be 4+ a boss battle would be 8 easy but that said how to balance recover...
mmmm ok lets use this for now recovery is 3X the CRR so Sakuars would be 2.1 X 3 = 6,Narutos 12 ,Rock Lee 21(note all Lees moves/actions require CP he gets it to abuse it you could say)

Another thought is 1/3rd CP gain while defending but I dunno its broad as it is long and CP gain while defending is more a DBZ thing Tongue

this is a very rough character creation model

Lv 1 Genin out of academia

Wisdom 8 M+4 NPH+4
Intelligence 6 T+4 M + 1 NPH +1
Agility 4 T+ 2 DE +4 Ag+4
Defense 2 DEF+2 HP +4
Stamina 3 DEF+1 HP+2 CH+2 CRR+1
Will Power 2 CH+4 CRR+3 HP+1
Strength 3 DM+4 HP +2 CRR + 4 CH+1

Chakara Points:17
CHakara recovery rate:21
Molding Chakara: 38

Tools: 32
Agility :16

Non Physical Damage and and healing jitstu:38

Lv 1 Genin out of academia

Wisdom 2 M+4 NPH+4
Intelligence 2 T+4 M + 1 NPH +1
Agility 5 T+ 2 DE +4 Ag+4
Defense 4 DEF+2 HP +4
Stamina 7 HP+2 CH+2 CRR+1 DEF+1
Will Power 4 CH+4 CRR+3 HP+1
Strength 6 DM+4 HP +2 CRR + 4 CH+1

Chakara Points:36
CHakara recovery rate:43
Molding Chakara: 10

Agility :25

Non Physical Damage and and healing jitstu:10

Though on Narutos Rage mode,his basic rage mode shwn when he fought Orchimaru or the Ice Kid or Negi works something like this

Reqs: Be below 50% of max HP/CP

Mode weakness
All actions require chakara,
Molding Chakara -100%

Mode bonus
HP regen 1/4HP max HP per round
HP + 110%
Damage +100%
Agility + 50%
CHakara recovery rate + 100%
Delay + 100%

Lasts 4 rounds leaves him with 5% of the HP he had before activation drains 25CP can knock him out but shouldn't kill him directly.
All moves take 2X chakara

Mmmmm I added DEF+1 to stamina and that would raise Narutos up 7 points and Sakuras up 3 from where I ahd it.

I am not a fan of top heavy class's where XXX class gets XXX weapon/armor I more prefer if your stats can handle it then you can equip it,same for Magic and Skills however insted bloodline's need to be taken in consideration.

Sakura(Chakara Master)
Huga Clan
Rock Lee(Uber Tajistu master see below for a thught on stats)
Tool (tenten,string,ect,ect)
Element (sand,earth,fire,ect,ect)
Naruto(Chakara BRUN)

Mmmmmmm mabye classes are needed...mmmmmmmmm soemthign like this

Name Sakara
Class Chakara Master
Frist Skill: Genjistu
2ndy Skill: Medical Nijistu

Class Tool Master
Frist Skill: Tool (tim the tool time tamer..err no...)
2ndy Skill: Summoner (she summons tools to dish...err...no...)

Class Chakara BRUNer (Or fighter *L*)
Frist Skill: Kage Bushin(Shadow Clone) (he cant use resangen without a clone or full Kubi mode)
2ndy Skill:Summon

I dunno have to work it out I guess

Rock Lee (befor chunin exam) mabye lv 3-5
Wisdom 1 M+4 NPH+4
Intelligence 1 T+4 M + 1 NPH +1
Agility 13 T+ 2 DE +4 Ag+4
Defense 10 DEF+2 HP +4
Stamina 8 HP+2 CH+2 CRR+1 DEF+1
Will Power 8 CH+4 CRR+3 HP+1
Strength 10 DM+4 HP +2 CRR + 4 CH+1

Chakara Points:58
CHakara recovery rate:72
Molding Chakara: 4

Agility :52

Non Physical Damage and and healing jitstu:4

ALL attacks/actions require chakara,removing the "weights" is a active state that doubles agility and chakra usage either halves current chakra when its ended or can be used every 1 or 3 fights.

Opening a gate can either frezze HP or double it or active heal it after it ends each gate removes 1/8 MAX HP the 8th or so gate is instant death and if you are not healed up opening 2 or 3 gates can kill him,also after a gate move or leavening gate mode his stats will be halved for 3 rounds frist gate and 1 more for each gate thereafter.

Becuse Chakara heals every round his will heal at a pace faster than narutos narutos beng almsot 5-7 points a round Lees would be 8-12 but a punch or kick would be 3-5 CP,Kohnoha Senpu(Basic spin kick) would be 9-12 a double spin kick would be 15-20 and the highest level whirlwind would be 30ish

As for his drunken master mode that would require him using booze,then waiting 1-3 rounds for it to kick in the higher his druken master skill or the more powerful booze he uses the quicker he is battle ready while he waits for the booze to kick in he dose random odd thigns like nap or stand and cruse at random things and his Agility during this time is X10 bascily nothing but god can hit him then when hes damn and well ready he attacks also while in this mode he gains a chain attack ability it starts of meek 40% to do it and

Item:Basic sake
Level of Drunken state:Lvl 1 Rageing Drunk
Lasts 3 rounds has a 50/50 chance of being knocked out of it if hit
drains half of CP gained (meaning instead of getting 10CP a round he gets -5CP)
Drunken fury: 10% chance to do 2-4 attacks in a row with normal attacks,50/50 with basic Drunken fury move ,and a 30% chance to do 2X/3X normal CP moves
Agility + 400%
Delay -30%
Tools -60%
Chance of hitting friend 4 out of 10
50/50 to halve damage on friendly target (Higher level lessens the chance of him rageing on allies )

As his DK master skil goes up the less likely he will be to attack a friend and the less chance of being awoken from the drunken state, the more powerful the drink the longer it lasts.

One last thought Genjistu or Illusionary skills should be based on Intelligence and Agility if you have god like reflexs you can dodge anything even thigns that are not there,however if you are smart you wont get caught in the illusion or at least come out of it faster.

Anyway I a sure most of you dont understand a bloodly thing I am yammering on about but I wil most it anyway :P


Ah modern gaming its like modern film only the watering down of fiction and characters is replaced with shallow and watered down mechanics, gimmicks and shiny-er "people".
Incoherence is my friend and grammar my bane, which is the fulcrum of suffering I place upon others!:ZippyDSMlee

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