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Is It Worth Playing WoW Classic Season of Mastery


This post was originally appeared on MmoGah.


WoW Classic Season of Mastery (SoM) is coming on Nov 16. Many gamers are discussing these questions recently: 

Is it worth playing WoW Classic SoM?

Is WoW Classic Worth Playing 2021?

Is Classic SoM popular?

Should I play Classic WoW SoM?

Well, if you are trying to figure out whether Classic Season of Mastery is worth playing or not, then the answer is certainly yes because it is actually so amazing!







Blizzard's vision for Classic Season of Mastery is simple. They want to offer a faster cadence by having this season last 12 months with only a couple of months between the patches while offering more challenging content through harder raiding.


Blizzard added a whole lot of new things and changed a bunch of stuff which made the game actually feel like a completely new product. Here MmoGah.com will share some important changes, and you can't wait to play it. Let's get into it.



Leveling is probably one of the most changed areas in Season of Mastery. Leveling speed will be increased. For example, Adventure Awaits buff gives a 40% bonus XP to quest.  

Dungeon quests and Elite quests will also give more XP. I actually tried this new leveling change on the beta and got to level 40. This was definitely noticeable, and it definitely made leveling faster than Classic WoW. I guess the only issue is that the amount of WoW Classic gold you get keeps the same while leveling is faster, which means getting to level 40 with Classic WoW gold to buy your mount is going to be more difficult


When I got to level 40 on the beta, I had just around 60 gold. Actually, it needs 100 gold to buy riding skills and mount, and I was definitely applying all the leveling etiquette to save as much WoW Classic Season of Mastery gold as possible.


Leveling is awesome as it basically removed the need for grinding mobs, so you're going through a journey and trying to keep alive. If you have no time to do it, you can buy WoW Classic boost to help you level up fast.


Hardcore Support

One big selling point for Classic Season of Mastery is the support for hardcore leveling. It's a community-made thing where your goal is to reach max level without dying at all.


Now Blizzard officially supports that Soul of Iron mechanic. You can go to Ironforge or Undercity, and you'll find a high Elf NPC there. If you talk to him or her, you'll be able to enable Soul of Iron, which gives you this buff for the rest of your journey until level 60. Whenever you die, you'll receive a debuff called Tarnished Soul, which also decreases your stats. Don't worry, as you can remove this debuff if you choose to continue playing your character. But obviously, you'll not have the Soul of Iron buff anymore.


No Boosting

Another big change on Season of Mastery is the complete removal of any form of boosting.


Maraudon mobs are immune to snares, slows, and roots 30 seconds after entering combat. Stratholme mobs also gain immunity to snares 30 seconds after entering combat, and most importantly, mobs give significantly less experience when a high-level character is grouped with a low-level one. These changes will also help combat bots.


Faster Ranking

Season of Mastery's one big change is the PvP honor system. We all know how difficult it was ranking up in WoW Classic, and it took people weeks of playing non-stop to reach rank 14, and only the most dedicated players managed to do it. Well, Blizzard is making it easier to rank up in Season of Mastery.


The PvP honor system has been adjusted to accelerate the rate at which players rank up, as you can see below.

This should make ranking up significantly easier, and you definitely won't have to play 15 to 20 hours a day non-stop to reach rank 14 anymore, so if you want to reach the coveted rank, it can shorten your time in Season of Mastery.


Quality of Life Changes

There are a bunch of small things brought to Season of Mastery, like meeting stones being turned into summoning stones, the Looking For Group tool from TBC, mining and herb nodes increased in number, the debuff cap removed, and world buffs also removed from

raids, but all those small quality of life changes should make everyone's time with Season of Mastery feel a bit more enjoyable.



Let's move on to the crux of the matter – Raiding. It has been made significantly harder in Season of Mastery. Blizzard not only doubles every boss and mob's health but also brings a bunch of mechanics to each one of them. World buffs have been very infamous in Classic WoW for locking people out of their characters for days and also making raiding much easier than before. People were stacking full world buffs on every raid and clearing Naxxramas.


Blizzard is pulling the plug on world buffs, and you can still get them, but the moment you enter a raid, they're gone. You can go to buy Chronoboon Displacer that was added in Phase 6 of Classic, grab all the world buffs, save them, and pop them when you enter a dungeon or something. That single-handedly makes raiding significantly harder.



There are a plethora of changes brought to every boss in Season of Mastery. Let's start with the most insane of them - Onyxia. Phase 1 is basically the same as Classic, but once she flies off, she will summon two wardens, so they do a bunch of AoE fire damage and hit like a truck. Melees can't stack on them, so it's basically the range's responsibility to kill them. Meanwhile, Onyxia is still in the air, spitting Fireballs at everyone, which disorient you once they hit you.


Molten Core

Blizzard recently announced that Molten Core would be receiving updates to boss encounters on the Season of Mastery Beta. Here is a list of changes during the test so far.



You are only able to kill one boss - Lucifron, and you can wipe continuously to Magmadar and Gehennas. Lucifron has 4 Flamewaker Protector (FP) instead of 2, which means double the amount of mind controls, and I'm pretty sure the debuff he does was also happening faster, but overall, Lucifron was not hard as long as you can manage to tank and kill all 4 FP.



After Magmadar is engaged for 20-30 seconds, 2 Core Hound will spawn next to the boss. These addons will respawn if they aren't all killed at the same time. Lava Bomb is cast much more frequently, leaving many more patches of flame on the ground.


Golemagg the Incinerator

Golemagg's Core Rager pets are permanently buffed by  Golemagg's Trust, increasing their physical damage and attack speed. Golemagg casts  Earthquake throughout the fight, whereas before, it would only be cast below 10% total health remaining.


All the content is quoted from Classic WoW Curios' video.




Lastly, if you want to learn more WoW Classic guides or tips, welcome to visit MmoGah. Of course, if you are playing TBC and in need of TBC Classic gold, don't hesitate to contact us.  


MmoGah is an online website focused on Virtual Game Products. We are committed to creating original Game News, Tips, and Guides to elite gamers.

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