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3 Useful Items You Can Farm in PoE


This article originally appeared in MmoGah and has been published here with permission.



As a Solo Self-Found character, you can't trade or interact with other players, so you have to farm items yourself. In this guide, Behind Eyes Gaming shares with you three useful Path of Exile items that you can get for free as an SSF character. These items are also very helpful for new players, making your leveling process much easier.




1. Oni-Goroshi


Oni-Goroshi is a one-handed sword that is always six-linked when you get it, and it is only attainable in The Twilight Strand. Unlike other zones, The Twilight Strand can not be re-entered after you leave it. Therefore, the only way to reset the zone is to log out and wait 1 minute and 30 seconds. To keep the downtime low, you'll want to create four characters so you can cycle between them as you clear the beach.









Oni-Goroshi can be obtained as a drop from Uber Hillock. But the chance for Normal Hillock to spawn as Uber Hillock is very low. Compared to the Normal Hillock, Uber Hillock is much more challenging, and he can do a Leap Slam that summons zombies. But after you kill him, you will get the Oni-Goroshi. 


The Oni-Goroshi sword grants you a buff that improves your Attack Speed and Movement Speed. When you ignite an enemy, it gives you an enormous boost to Fire Damage. It also degens you, based on the level.


Oni-Goroshi grows with you as you level, getting two to three physical damage per level. The item has a relatively high Critical Strike Chance, so it allows for a sword Crit build. With the high elemental conversion, if you're able to mitigate the degen on you, you can use it from level 1 to the end of the game. This sword can be used to create various builds because there's no stat requirement, meaning all sockets have an equal chance to be any color.



2. Tabula Rasa


Tabula Rasa is a six-linked item that you can use from level 1, and the sockets on it are all white. It improves your leveling speed throughout the game, giving you access to all the Support Gems. 









You can farm this item in several Maps, including the Channel Map. If you choose to run Maps, you need to have a high Quantity to make the farming quicker.


Most players, especially Hardcore players, get a Tabula Rasa through the Humility Divination cards, which you can find in The Blood Aqueduct. 


The Blood Aqueduct is a very linear area, and there are many blue monsters, so you have a high chance to get the Humility cards. This is also a place to get a decent amount of experience, and if you have a build that can do a quick clearing, you will easily get 200M experience per hour.


To reset the Instance, you will want to Ctrl + click on the entrance to the area to start a brand new Instance (if you play on PS4, press Triangle).


Another good thing about Tabula Rasa is that you can corrupt it with Vaal orbs. In this way, you can get corrupts such as +2 to Level of Socketed Projectile Gems or +2 to Level of Socketed Duration Gems, all of which improve your builds drastically.



3. Loreweave


Loreweave is a Unique Elegant Ringmail you can acquire by selling 60 Unique rings to a Vendor (Note that the recipe will not work if the Mysterious Gift prophecy is active). This Ringmail automatically has six sockets, so it's pretty easy to six-link it, which means you don't need to waste your Jeweller's orbs.









If the price of 60 Unique Rings is much higher than the Loreweave's, you can't profit from Vendoring rings for this Ringmail. If you don't play the game a lot, you might be better off just selling the rings rather than getting the Loreweave. However, selling rings for a Lorweave is a method you can use for your SSF characters.


Loreweave gives you a lot of stats, many of which are extremely useful on almost any character. The most important roll of this item is the Maximum Resistance, which is remarkably useful for many PoE builds. Aside from that, the Physical Damage on the body armor is also something you can not easily attain.


You can use Divine orbs to get better rolls on this item, and you can sell the Tabula Rasa for a Divine orb and use the orb to reroll the value of your Loreweave.


Those are the three useful items for any character to farm in Path of Exile. Don't forget to press the Like button and subscribe to Behind Eyes Gaming' channel if you like this video. You can also bookmark the PoE news page on MmoGah for more tips and news in the future. 


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MmoGah is an online website focused on Virtual Game Products. We are committed to creating original Game News, Tips, and Guides to elite gamers.

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