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Tips to Improve Your CS or Farming in League of Legends


CSing or farming is a key part to every lane in League of Legends. It is basically free gold earned by defeating enemy minions, but only if they land the final hit. This is a topic that has headlined quite a lot of forum posts, and many believe it to be the secret to escaping "Elo Hell". So, today MmoGah will share with you four tips to improve your CS in LoL.


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Here is the gold amount you can get by minions.

Melee minions - 21

Caster minions – 14

Siege minions – 60 or more


If we do some simple calculations, we can get an average of 125 gold per wave. This ultimately converts to a free kill worth of gold every three waves. So being good at CSing is always better than being good at solo killing.


Tip 1 - Learn How to Farm Optimally Under Tower

By now, you’ve already been exposed to the basics of farming – you have to simply deal the last blow to the enemy minion to receive gold. The chances are that you’ve also had to deal with the last hitting under tower. This can be confusing for some, but it gets a lot easier once you understand how towers work.


1. Melee Minions need 2 tower shots + 1 auto attack to last hit

2. Caster minions need 1 tower shot and 1 auto attack from an AD champ or 2 auto attacks from an AP champ to last hit.

3. Cannon minions can take multiple shots and vary between champions, but generally, you’ll want to last hit them with a spell to ensure that you don’t miss their gold bonus.


Generally, the tower will hit the minion that approaches the tower boundary first, then start focusing on the Cannon minions. Once the Cannon minions are dead, they’ll move on to the Melee minions and then the Ranged minions.


Knowing this order, you’ll have to come up with a quick plan every time you see the wave crashing into your turret. I want you to actively think about how you’re going to nail every CS, and eventually, you’ll hardwire this into your brain, and CSing under tower will be on autopilot.


For example, let’s say you’re playing as Jhin in the bottom lane and see that the opposing wave is crashing into your tower. Like we mentioned before, the tower will hit the closest Melee minion first, so pay close attention to that specific creep. However, let’s spice things up a bit and say that the Melee minion is at 30% health and will die if it gets hit by 1 tower shot.


Now you have two choices:

1. Leave the Melee minion alone, then let it die to turret and nail all the other creeps.

2. Auto the Melee minion, then hit it with your bouncing grenades and damage the HP bars on the other 2 Melee minions and 1 Caster minion.


Most players would go with option 1 because it is the safest and easiest way to secure the other 5 creeps, while we want you to go for option 2 instead. If you want to improve, then you can’t always take the easy way out. It’s difficult to hit the other 5 CS perfectly, but Pro players do it all the time. They will literally screw up their entire wave just to catch 1 CS because they’re confident enough in their ability to last hit the creeps no matter what HP they’re at.


Here’s a small tip. When you’re looking to last hit, focus on the HP bar of the minion and keep everything else at a peripheral. In this way, you’ll not only be able to respond to sudden movements from your enemy laner but also be concentrated on the farm. It’s difficult to pay attention to everything at once, but keep trying, and it’ll surely aid your CS.


Tip 2 - Learn to Freeze Your Lane

Freezing is when you keep the minion wave in a spot that is safe for you while being dangerous for your opponent. You’ll want to freeze waves whenever you can during the early game unless, for some reason, you’ll need to rotate or recall anytime soon. Freezes can guarantee a safe early game, so you can primarily focus on farming. It also becomes a lot easier for you to farm during a freeze because there’s a lot of pressure taken off your shoulders.


However, a main downside to freeze is that your counterpart can easily roam to the other side of the map while you’re trying to keep the wave at a standstill.


For example, let’s say you’re playing as Darius in the top lane, and you now have the wave at a freeze near the 2/3 mark in the lane. The enemy laner is Quinn, and she is forced to overextend for CS and can’t get in range to poke you because she’ll leave herself in a vulnerable spot. As you can see, Darius has a lot of pressure taken off and is applying that same pressure to the enemy Quinn. Due to the position of the wave, Darius can now focus primarily on CSing while also being carefree of getting ganked or solo killed by the opponent.


Tip 3 - Practice

Practice is boring, but it’s essential for your improvement. Here we’ve provided a quick training guide on how you should practice.


1. Hop into a custom game with runes that do not help you CS better

For example, you’ll want to take summoner spellbook, sorcery second for transcendence and waterwalking, and take scaling cooldown, armor, and magic resist for adaptive bonuses and do not purchase any items. Walk into your desired lane and start farming every minion that you can possibly get.


As a reference, 10 CS per minute is unreasonable, and you shouldn’t aim for that level. In my opinion, you should aim for 8 CS per minute, which is a lot more doable and easy to replicate in your solo queue games. 107 CS is the maximum amount you can get in 10 minutes, so just try 80 CS total. But it’s important that you don’t miss any cannons.


You might ask, why do we choose such bad runes and not buy any items? The answer is to give yourself a harder time. Runes might give you extra attack speed or AD that might make the farming process easier. But if you want to get improved, you have to constantly put yourself in these difficult situations and overcome them.


2. Add a couple of intermediate bots

The last step teaches you how to farm well when you’re alone, but this one is to get you better at farming when there is an opponent. You need to get into the game, choose 3 bots, and do the exact same thing. Make sure you keep moving between your auto attacks and keep yourself at full HP.


3. Play normal games

Step 3 for practice is to hop into a normal game and try applying everything you’ve learned. Before you get into the game, make sure you’re adding on proper runes and adaptive bonuses now. Once you get into the game, purchase your normal items and then start playing. I promise you that you will see massive improvements in your farming skill if you put in the work and practiced step 1 and 2 of CS training.


Tip 4 - Take CS in the Areas Given to You

We mean by this that you should be actively looking to rotate around the map to take CS in specific spots. When there is free CS being handed to you, then take it. Learn to spot out when these opportunities arise and take advantage of them.


For example, if you see that your team is grouped mid, but the bot lane is pushing towards you, then it’d be a good idea to travel down there and grab the extra gold. If the enemy jungler is ganking top lane and your lane is pushed, you can invade his wraiths and get a bit of extra farm.


The content above comes from the video of ProGuides. If you find it helpful, don’t forget to subscribe his channel. For more League of Legends News, stay tuned to MmoGah.


MmoGah is an online website focused on Virtual Game Products. We are committed to creating original Game News, Tips, and Guides to elite gamers.

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