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WoW TBC Classic: 1-375 Jewelcrafting Guide


Jewelcrafting is a new profession in WoW Burning Crusade Classic, allowing players who choose this profession to craft rings, necklaces, trinkets, crowns, and gems that can be fit into gear sockets.





Jewelcrafting is often paired with Mining since most of the raw materials required for this profession are either mined or drawn from ore through a new ability: Prospecting. If you want to level up your Jewelcrafting skill from 1 to 375 quickly, this guide is for you.



This is a real player Fakeqt's video guide. This video will show you the Jewelcrafter trainer locations and some important materials to craft in Classic Burning Crusade. It is a good idea to prepare them in advance, and you can click this WoW TBC Classic preparation guide to learn more. You can buy the Mats when they are cheap, as there is not a huge demand now. All the content of this article is quoted from this video.




Welcome to my TBC Jewelcrafting guide from level 1 to 375. The first part is about the Mats that you need to buy from level 1 to 300 and what you actually have to craft. I'll also add a timeline, so you can find what you have to craft on certain levels. Once you pick the Jewelcrafting, you should buy the Jeweler's Kit first.


Leveling 1-30

The first thing you craft is Heavy Copper Ring ( it costs 50 copper coins), and you need 100 Copper Bars for this.


Leveling 30-50

Here I usually craft 20 Malachite Pendants or Tigerseye Bands. A lot of guides will tell you to grab the Ring, but this might cause the price to actually go up high. You can craft the Necklace at the same time, but it is probably cheaper than the Ring.


Leveling 50-80

Now you have to use all your Bronze Bars and craft Bronze Settings. Craft 40 of them in total.


Leveling 80-110

The next thing you have to craft is Rings. I prefer to go with the one with two Silver Bars as I'm sure that I will get a skill point. Make sure you can craft 30 Ring of Silver Mights as there will be orange items all the way.


Leveling 110-135

Now you have to use all your Heavy Stones and craft 10 of these items. This Recipe is sold by Merchant, but this might be cooked by a lot of people, and that's why I advise you to grab some items where you're guaranteed you can actually craft them and don't have to wait hours for an action spawn of the Recipe.


Leveling 135-150

Make sure to use 15 Jades here, as you will need another 15 Jades for the next craft you have to do. You'd better craft many Delicate Copper Wires at the beginning of the game because you'll need them later.


Leveling 150-180

It's really important that you can only use 80 of your Bars here as you'll need another 20 bars for a later part.


Leveling 180-200

Craft 20 Rings and keep another 22 Silver Bars for later on.


Leveling 200-225

Now you have to grab 10 Citrine Ring of Rapid Healings. From level 210 to 225, you should have 15 Aquamarine Singers.


Leveling 225-250

Once you're done with this, you have to use your Iron Bar. Here you have to craft 50 Thorium Settings.


Leveling 250-300

You can choose to craft the Necklace or the Ring. Here it's really important that you can only use five of your Gems. 3 Gems have to be used for another craft that will guarantee your level as well. Use your huge armors to hit level 300.


Leveling 300-325

Once you reach level 300, you have to buy the Recipes from the Merchant.


Are you going to make a green or a yellow skill? If you aim for the yellows, you have to buy the new Recipes whenever they are available.


Leveling 325-350

At level 325, I usually use golden or Shadow Draenite.


At level 340, the expensive part of Jewelcrafting is going to start. You have to grab 15 Heavy Adamantite Rings. As a Jewelcrafting, you own this new ability: Prospecting. Here you can prospect elemental doors and get Adamantite Powder. Adamantite Powder is going to be used together with a Primal Earth, and this will make sure that you can craft the Blue Mat you're going to need.


Leveling 350-365

At Level 350, you can unlock Brilliant Glass, and it needs 20 hours to cool down. This scale will give you skills all the way up to level 375.


Instead of waiting 20 hours for a new cooldown to be ready, you should do this step. It's really easy to make and pretty useful for most players.


Leveling 365-375

From level 365 to 375, I will show you a rare recipe: Embrace of the Dawn, but you should pay a lot of wow classic gold for it. The item itself is pretty easy to craft, and it will make sure that you can hit level 375.



All in all, I hope my WoW TBC Classic Jewelcrafting guide is helpful for you. If you want to learn more TBC Classic guides, please pay attention to this website: MmoGah.com. When you are looking to buy wow classic gold, MmoGah is your first choice since it always provides safe and cheap wow classic gold for you.


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