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Uplift Your UI with the Best WoW Shadowlands Addons!



Do you want a nice and smooth looking UI - clear Nameplates, WeakAuras, teammate abilities tracking and a lot more Quality of Life stuff? Then you are in the right place! The video is from MarcelianOnline. Just follow the step, and you will learn how to install and configure all these beauties for your own UI.




Curseforge has proved to be a great APP for Addon management, from which you can get all the Addons you will see in this video.


Threat Plates

After you install the Addon, here is what you need to click.



Addons (on the left)

Hit Thread Plates and then click it again


General tab

1.    Click on Healthbar View

Look and Feel: Smooth

Format:          Bar Width: 120        Bar Height: 23


2.    Castbar menu

Appearance:  Bar Width: 127        Bar Height: 14


Layout:           Healthbar View X: 0    Healthbar View Y: -27


Spell Icon:      Size 23              

                       Healthbar View X: 76   Healthbar View Y: -26


Widgets tab

One more thing you want, especially in dungeons, is to see clearly what target you have selected. To do this, you need to go into the Widgets tab.


Target Highlight

Style:              Less-Than Arrow

Layout:            Size: 50                      Horizontal Offset: 8



It removes the griffins from your action bars and it adds a subtle dark shade to everything you see on your screen. It has loads of other functions and you are free to explore all the things within it.





But if you want your UI to look exactly like ours, just pause the video and follow the check marks you see on the screen right now.





For example, if you have a Castbar Addon, you can easily remove the Castbar Config to avoid conflict.


Ability Team Tracker

This allows you to see what abilities or cooldowns your party has available in a non-intrusive manner. And here is what it looks like.





Type in chat “/att”



Addons (on the left)

Ability Team Tracker: check Two Rows and Glow Icons

Scale:                         0.6


If you want to add more abilities or cooldowns, you can select the class first, type the ability name correctly, and click Add/Update.



This Addon will not work if you have LVY installed or have any other Font Addons or scrolling combat text Addons. And you have to be sure you follow the instructions closely.


So after you have installed it, be sure to download the Pepsi font from font.com. After you extracted the content from the archive, be sure to rename the Pepsi font into “font”. Then copy it into your World of Warcraft folder in Retail – Interface – Addons - Any Font. It will replace the one existing there.


Pepsi font is the one we use, but you can use any font you want by doing the same steps.


This part is easier to understand if you directly watch the video. (5.35 – 6.00)



This Addon comes with lots of features and camera styles and some ways to screenshot and makes awesome poses for your beauty. I like to use it due to its clearness and the enhanced interface. Now you can set this to open up if you hit twice your “C” key on your keyboard.




Narcissus: Shortcuts - Enable Double-tap


ADI Bags

Now it's time for your bags to look clean and organized. For this, you will need

ADI Bags.



Backpack                    open

Position Mode            manual

Scale                          90

Maximum Back Height   58

Compact Layout         uncheck



Bag type                    check

Virtual Stacks            all uncheck



Currency: uncheck all the things you don't want to see on your back



Install the WeakAuras 2 Addon

Type in your chat “/wa”

Click the Import button

Go into Luxthoes website

Scroll to your class of choice and click on it

Click on the module one by one

Go into WoW and hit ctrl v


World Quest Tracker

This will make it easier for you to know which quests give anima and, more importantly, how much they give because it will add them all up so you can see the full amount.


Talent Set Manager

It is a very useful Addon in terms of managing your talents, especially if you play multiple aspects of the game.


Open up your talents

Click on this card icon





Click New Set

Select an icon of your choosing and name it with the appropriate game mode

Select the talents you want

Hit Save



This will take all your mini-map buttons from other Addons such as DBM, Narcissus or details and round them up into a single button.





It makes your mini-map much cleaner, so you can always see your queue time and stuff.


Of course, we make use of other Addons such as details for the Damage Meters and DBM. Everybody uses those, so we will not talk about them here. Stay tuned to MmoGah for more WoW Shadowlands guides. We also rank top 3 while searching best WoW Gold buying site on Google. If you don’t have time to grind, buying from us is definitely a good choice.



MmoGah is an online website focused on Virtual Game Products. We are committed to creating original Game News, Tips, and Guides to elite gamers.

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