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How to Get Crafting and Gathering Materia in FFXIV


In Final Fantasy XIV, Materia is used in melding gear. Crafters and Gatherers are even more likely to need the extra points and require a ton more Materia to overmeld their gear. So, Ilya Dalamiq, Rustie Gaming, and Craftaholic Central teach you how to obtain enough Crafting and Gathering Materia for all of your melding needs.








Custom Deliveries


When you open your Timers, you can see all of the Custom Delivery clients, and each client will grant you a specific amount of yellow and white scrips. Depending on which client you choose, they will also have different rates for yellow scrips and white scrips. For example, Ehll Tou and Kai-Shirr have a decent amount of yellow scrips and many white scrips, but Adkiragh has many yellow scrips and only a few white scrips. So, you’ll want to go through the list and look at which of the NPCs are giving you what you want because different grades of Materia will be bought with different color scrips.




Once you have obtained the scrips, you can go to a Scrip Exchange to turn in your scrips. Be sure to do the Crafting turn-ins for Crafting scrips and Materia, and do the Gathering turn-ins for Gathering scrips and Materia. A lot of new players don’t realize that these are two different currencies and are not interchangeable.


If you are looking for grade VIII Materia, you should do the Custom Deliveries that give you the most white scrips; if you are just after Materia IV, V, VI, or VII, you should do the ones that give you the most yellow scrips. Your grade VIIIs are only available in your normal slots and the first overmeld slot. Grade VII, V, IV, and the rest are going to be used for the other slots. Grade I, II, and III Materia aren't used that much anymore as of late, but you can still put them somewhere to get some CP.



Dwarf/Qitari Beast Tribe


Beast Tribe is a good way get Materia everyday or every three days. Whenever you do Dwarf Beast Tribe, you’ll get three tokens a day. Then you go to the Hammered Frogments Exchange to buy a Materia VII for three tokens, meaning you can buy one of those Materia each day. Or, you can save up three days’ worth of quests and buy a Materia VIII instead.


The same thing goes for your Gatherers as well. If you go to Qitari Vendor, you can use nuts to exchange for Materia VII or VIII in the exchange store.



Materia Extraction


As you keep using your gear more and more, you are increasing the Spiritbond of your gear. Once the Spiritbond is 100%, you can right-click it, then use “Extract Materia”, which will create Materia from your gear. Doing this doesn’t consume your gear. It will just reset the Spiritbond level back to 0% and give you Materia.


If you extract Materia from a Crafter gear, you'll get Crafting Materia; if you extract Materia from a Gatherer piece of gear, you’ll get Gathering Materia.


There are ways to speed up the Spiritbonding process. For example, the Squadron Spiritbonding Manual or a Free Company Action will increase the Spiritbonding speed.



Wondrous Tails


Wondrous Tails is an easy way to get Crafting and Gathering Materia. The Gold Certificate gives you 12 Cracked Planicrystals and 6 Cracked Stellacrystals, which can be exchanged for non-combat Materia VIIs and VIIIs. The Silver Certificate gives you 4 Cracked Planicrystals and 2 Cracked Stellacrystals. The Bronze Certificate doesn’t give you Stellacrystals, but it gives you 2 Planicrystals.




Ocean Fishing


Ocean Fishing won’t give you a massive amount of yellow scrips. It would only give you 400-600 yellow scrips, depending on the run you get. So it is a little bit of RNG. However, if you haven’t levelled your Fisher, it’s a good way to kill two birds with one stone.


From the level 70 items, you will get Materia VIs and VIIs, and from the level 50 ones, you can get Materia IVs and Vs. It depends on which ones you need for which Gathering set you are making. If you are going for the best in slot, you will need to go through many different Materia.



Collectable Exchange


If you have some spare Collectibles, you can go to the Collectable Appraiser to turn them into Scrips and buy Materia with the Scrips.



Materia Transmutation


If you have an FC and access to a workshop, you can do some Airships and Submersibles to gather resources, which will also bring you some Materia. If you don’t need some of those Combat Materia, you can transform them into a Crafter Materia or Gatherer Materia with Materia Transmutation.


Mutamix Bubblypots, located at The Bonefire in Central Thanalan, allows you to transmute Materia into something else. You are going to click “Transmute Materia” and put in 5 Materia that you don’t need, then Mutamix Bubblypots will give you back a random piece of different Materia. Doing this also gives you a chance to get a higher grade of Materia.



Market Board


You can also buy Materia from the Market Board with your FFXIV money. But, to get the best price, you should wait for the right time to do it. The secret to this is doing it gradually, week by week, day by day, and not trying to do it all at once when you desperately need it.



Don’t buy Materia from the Market Board near the beginning of a patch because that is the worst time to buy Materia. The best time to do it is between patches when the demands for the Materia are not high, and the Market Board sellers don’t overcharge for it.


You need to keep an eye on the Market Board from week to week, day to day, and catch the best prices. You can go from server to server for the best price and only buy a little bit at a time, then wait until the price is down again before you buy any more.



For more content related to FFXIV gold and FFXIV power leveling, please stay tuned to our news page on MmoGah. If you need some Materia for your Combat jobs, there are also some best ways to get Combat Materia in FFXIV: Shadowbringers…Read the post on MmoGah: How to Get Crafting and Gathering Materia in FFXIV


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