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How to Get Sorrowbane – Free Item Level 180 Sword in WoW Shadowlands


Welcome to MrGM’s guide! Today we are going to talk about how to get Sorrowbane - the Secret Item Level 180, Two-Handed Sword in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Sorrowbane is pretty much one of our first Secrets of the Shadowlands expansion. It is an Item level between Heroic Dungeons and Mythic Dungeons. And it is also easy to get and little time is required. Now let’s go and get it!





First, we need to figure out where the Sword is. The Sword is actually located in the bottom right hand corner of the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus.




If you're level 60, you should be able to see it here. If you're not level 60, I don't believe it appears. So this is a level 60 only Secret and this is what it looks like.




It's like a Sword sticking out the ground. And when you click it, it says that you're not strong enough to pull the Sword. Now what's really cool about it is that the things that you do make you stronger and then you are able to pull the Sword, so it's actually pretty interesting and kind of clever at the same time.


What we need

So before we get into the time sensitive part, you need 3 items. Your first item is going to be the Potion of Unusual Strength. This is purchased in Maldraxxus - just outside the Theater of Pain. And this is purchasable from a Broker. You just purchase the Potion of Unusual Strength and don't use it yet. Now you need to travel north to the top end of Theater of Pain on the outside and find an NPC called One-Eyed Joby and what you need to purchase from him is the Scroll of Teleport Theater of Pain. Now you can use your hearthstone for this, but honestly it is easier just to buy this item, which will cost you 10 gold. Now you need to take a flight path to the Wanecrypt Hill. Once you get there, then travel south to an area with a bunch more Brokers. You need to find Ta’tru, who will sell you a Strength of Blood Potion. Now the currency required for this does change every single day, so it's probably worth going there and check the currency to see if you can farm it out or just buy it from the Auction House. But as I said, it does change every single day and there's a ton of different combinations it could potentially be. So sometimes you might get lucky and already have it in your bag. If not, as I said, go to the Auction House.


What we do

So once you have your Portion of Unusual Strength, and Strength of Blood and your Scroll of Teleport, you need to wait for a World Quest to pop up called A Few Bumps Along the Way. Now this is on the left hand side of Maldraxxus. It comes up pretty often, so make sure you keep an eye out for that one. But as soon as that's up, you are ready to go and get Sorrowbane.


So when you go to this area, you'll have to reinforce some Artillery or something like that, essentially just do two of these and this will give you a buff. Now the key code here is that if you do this in a raid group, you don't actually get credit for the World Quest. So this actually gives you unlimited tries at doing this. I just joined the group for the World Boss very quickly and did it real quick and then left the group. But you can just make a raid group with some friends just to bypass the World Quest completing so that you get unlimited tries. Once you've defended two of these Artilleries, you'll get a buff called Battle Hardened, which will last 10 minutes and you need to keep this on.


Once you have these two buffs, you need to rush over to the Glutharn’s Decay on the far east of Maldraxxus. The closest flight path is the Renounced Bastille. Once you get here, what you got to do is click on the red mushrooms.





These are called edible red caps and you're going to need 4 of these if you've got two of the Battle Hardened buff. But if you somehow get a third Battle Hardened buff, you will only need 3. So just go around and click these mushrooms as fast as you can. You'll notice that your character will get slower as you do this. And you've got to make sure that the Battle Hardened buff does stay on while you collect these mushrooms. Once you've collected three to four mushrooms, you're going to be pretty immobile and this is where you need to use your Scroll of Teleport. This will bring you literally right in front of Sorrowbane.


Once you're in front of Sorrowbane, use the Strength of Blood potion and the potion of Unusual Strength and click Oonar's Arm. Now this will actually give you a pet. Once you've clicked Oonar's Arm, you need to quickly click Sorrowbane, which will give you Sorrowbane and the Achievement Harvester of Sorrow. That is also a requirement for the Treasures of Maldraxxus Achievement, so you are doing a lot at one time and finally you get the two-handed item level 180 weapon within 10-15 minutes. The only important part here is just making sure that World Quest is up. The process of getting the weapon is quite easy and fun. You can definitely have a try.


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