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PoE 3.12 Builds: Ice Crash Build - Berserker Marauder

Happy New Year, exiles! In PoE Teacher's video, he'll show you his variation build Berserker Marauder Ice Crash Build. The build has good damage but poor survivability. I do not recommend it for beginners. Enjoy!




1. Pros and Cons

Clear Speed: normal

Boss Damage: nice

Survivability: bad

Expense: high (more than 50 Exalted Orbs)



2. Map 14-16 Bosses

You cannot go to the maps without regeneration of life, mana, energy shield, with Elemental reflect.


How to play

On Maps:

- I recommend putting Phase Run on the left mouse button

- Use Leap Slam as a movement skill and for activated Fortify

- Use WarCry

- Use Flasks

- Use Ice Crash

- Use Berserk

- Use Ancestral Warchief on strong Enemies


On Boss

- Use Ancestral Warchief on Boss

- Use WarCry

- Use Flasks

- Use Berserk

- Use Ice Crash

- Use Leap Slam as a movement skill and for activated Fortify



3. My Gear

Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet – with Max roll Critical Strike Multiplier, min roll increased Physical Damage Taken.

Kraken Etcher Fleshripper – with Max Physical DPS. Critical strike chance and Attack speed.

Fate Wrap Astral Plate – with Attacks have +#% to Critical Strike Chance.

Gloom Choker Agate Amulet – with #% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier. Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage.

Doom Spiral & Ghoul Band Opal Ring – with Elemental Damage, Life, Resists, Accuracy Rating.

Beast Palm Spiked Gloves – with Life, Resists, Attributes, Melee Damage, Attack Speed.

Agony Girdle Stygian Vise – with Life, Resists, Attributes.

Pain Hoof Two-Toned Boots – with Life, Resists, Attributes, 25-35% Movement Speed. #% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike. You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently.

Bottled Faith Sulphur Flask – immunity to Bleeding, Poison, Curses, Freeze and Chill.

Catalysed Eternal Life Flask of Staunching

Perpetual Diamond Flask of Curing

Ample Quicksilver Flask of Heat

Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask



4. Jewels

For large clusters:

Try to use with 8 nods. Use 1 with 12 increased Cold Damage.

Look at such nodes on cluster jewels:





For medium clusters:

Try to use with 4-5 nods. Use 1 with 15% increased Critical Strike Chance, 1 with 6% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills.

Look at such nodes on cluster jewels:






5. Gem Links

6L: Ice Crash – Pulverise – Fist of War – Elemental Focus – Melee Physical Damage – Elemental Focus – Melee Physical Damage – Elemental Damage with Attacks

If you have PoE Currencies, you can use Ice Crash at 21 lvl and Awakened Elemental Focus, Awakened Melee Physical Damage, Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks.


6L: Intimidating Cry – Seismic Cry – Second Wind – Leap Slam – Fortify – Faster Attacks

You can use 3+3 Link variation.


4L: Ancestral Warchief – Multiple Totems – Culling Strike – Phase Run


4L: Cast when Damage Taken – Immortal Call – Increased Duration – Frost Bomb

Leave Cast when Damage Taken at 1 lvl, Immortal Call at 3 lvl, Frost Bomb at 2 lvl.


4L: Hatred – Enduring Cry – Berserk – Empower

Use Empower at 2-4 lvl.


Strategy for Gems:

- When you can buy needed gems lvl 1 and quality 20-23.

- Buy additionally 2-3 main gems 1 lvl / 20 quality and put it in free slots.

- Buy Enlighten and Empower gems lvl 1.

- Level up all gems while leveling and mapping.

- Corrupt main gems to get lvl 21 gem.



6. Skill Tree




7. Leveling

- Farm Bloody aqueduct to lvl 68-70

- Buy a basic gear

- Done 4 labs until completion 10 Act (if this is not a starter build)

- Done 3 labs until completion 10 Act (if this is a starter build)


Use as Main Skill while leveling

From 1 level, use this combination of gems:

From 1 lvl Ground Slam – Chance to Bleed – Ruthless

From 8 lvl Maim – Added Fire Damage

From 18 lvl Melee Physical Damage

From 28 lvl Ice Crash

From 31 lvl Pulverise

From 38 lvl Fist of War

From 28 lvl Elemental Focus

From 28 lvl Elemental Damage with Attacks


Use as Support Skill-1 while leveling

From 10 level, use this combination of gems:

From 10 lvl Leap Slam

From 18 lvl Faster Attacks

From 31 lvl Fortify


Use as Support Skill-2 while leveling

From 10 level, use this combination of gems:

From 10 lvl Enduring Cry

From 16 lvl Seismic Cry

From 10 lvl Intimidating Cry

From 31 lvl Second Wind


Use as Support Skill-3 while leveling

From 28 level, use this combination of gems:

From 28 lvl Ancestral Warchief

From 38 lvl Multiple Totems

From 28 lvl Maim

From 28 lvl Culling Strike


Use as Support Skill-4 while leveling

From 38 level use this combination of gems:

From 38 lvl Immortal Call (lvl 4)

From 38 lvl CWDT (lvl 2)

From 38 lvl Increased Duration

From 38 lvl Summon Stone Golem


Use as Auras while leveling

From 4 level, use this combination of gems:

From 10 lvl Precision

From 4 lvl Blood and Sand

From 16 lvl Flesh and Stone

From 10 lvl Enlighten (lvl 2-4)

From 28 lvl Hatred



Here is the end of this build. You can click mmogah.com to view more PoE Builds, and you can also buy PoE Orbs and PoE Items here.

Source: https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/poe-3-12-builds-ice-crash-build-berserker-marauder


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