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PoE 3.12 Flashback: 5 Potential Easy Builds

Dear exiles, Path of Exile Heist Flashback is about to start. The professional PoE Shop will share with you 5 potential builds for this flashback event. And thanks, Jorgen, for the useful video. Now let's get into it.






1. Bigduck – Divine Ire Totems Hierophant

This one's a bit of a playable build. The life pool on it isn't amazing. It's a bit of a meme build, but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It does use a self-flagellation gem, which means you can self-curse with the soul mantle and then minimize the impact with the kikazaru rings and also the self-flagellation gem. Overall, it's quite a cool build well explained in Bigduck's video. The PoB is easy, and it's cheap to gear, really basically just an overall easy skill to play and level up. And something different is slightly abnormal in most of the available meta builds or the builds that people play in the current league. It is something worth trying and something very different, so I'm suggesting it as the first build to look at if you're going to play something in the flashback league.



2. Phoenix – Arc Elementalist

The reason why is Arc is just a really good and basic skill to run, and also the tree and the itemization that Phoenix got in his PoB is quite simple as well and well-constructed. So it's a very practical build that works quite well. Arc is just a really good clearing skill, really good for leveling, and a really good starting skill, especially in a three-week league where you're not going to get a lot of time. But this would be number two that I would recommend to have a crack at if you've never played Arc in particular.



3. McAbs – Ball Lightning Necromancer

It's quite a fun looking build. There's a ton of different builds you can play with Ball Lightning. This was just one that I picked out that stuck out. It's relatively powerful build does tons of damage very easy to balance up and gear up, so just using very basic gear nothing amazing things like a pledge of hands now that can be a little harder to get early on. Still, with some alternate gearing and jamming, you can get around that. Still, there are no real unique items here that that cause any alarm. It can handle its own, and in a three-week league, Ball Lightning is quite a good skill to use. Now you could probably run this as Elementalist. Alternatively, you could probably run this definitely as an assassin as well. You can go a few different avenues, but overall, Ball Lightning is a great skill, a lot of fun, works well and tried and true, and gives it a crack if you haven't played ball lightning and try McAbs' build and see what you think.



4. Esro – Blade Blast Assassin

It does absolutely off amounts of damage in Esro's Blade Blast Assassin basically, how this works is you shoot your blade blast or blade fall. Then you trigger your blade blast, and then the blade blast will chain. Doing increasing amounts of DPS and crits as you go. From a bossing perspective, this is good for mapping, good for bossing, and it is a bit technical. You've got to run two skills and alternate between those two. Still, suppose you can get around that. In that case, it's an incredibly good skill as you can see it wipes and clears entire screens at great clear speed and just an overall really good build. And not to mention Esro's build guide is geared towards hardcore play as well and as you can also see, there's tons of leech, and minimal gearing will meet requirements which are quite good, so the only thing he's running here that's unique is a carcass jack with obviously well-crafted gear. Now you're probably not going to get a glorious vanity straight up, and you're probably not going to get the watch's eye straight up. Still, realistically that doesn't inhibit your damage in any way, shape, or form. You can even take a cinder swallow out in the mid-tier gearing. You're still getting about 8 million 8.3 million per blade blast or 10 blade blast chains so that you can do tons of damage with minimal investment.



5. Jorgen – Toxic Rain Trickster

It does amounts of damage on the t16 map. It's good for clearing and good defensiveness even though it uses dodge mechanics, and it's chaos-slinging bow casting from hell. If bosses do, Cyrus does everything it does just like a ton of chaos dot, and it's quite fast as well. As far as gearing, my build is a little more on the Axe side, but you can subdue the Maloney. It's not required. Everything else is relatively straightforward to get. You can even run this into pretty high tiers with just using a Quill Rain, to be honest with you, and getting things like Cherrubim's Maleficence isn't an overly difficult task. It's quite a PoE Item that you need to cast your chaos skills within that being. The helmet isn't necessarily a very hard item to get in the game, either relatively straightforward. It's not a crazily expensive item, at least in the main league, so it should be quite a solid build, but that's my fifth pick of builds to crack. It's just doing some shape of goodness and just kiting around doing this thing, but that's the fifth build I'll mention.



That's five builds to get you cracking in the three-week league that's coming up. You can come to MmoGah to view more PoE Builds, and you can also buy Safe Exalted Orb and Cheap Chaos Orb here.

Source: https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/poe-3-12-flashback-5-potential-easy-builds


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