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New Updates--We Got Nerfs in WoW Shadowlands!


Welcome to Dalaran’s video of World of Warcraft Shadowlands new updates--nerfs! We'll take a look at every single one of these updates that are happening as people get into the PvP Season and the endgame content for this expansion.





Death Knight

The first nerf is going to be another addition to Unholy Death Knight with the Mastery Dreadblade effectiveness being reduced by 20%. I noticed that ever since Blizzard added an extra component to Unholy DK Mastery, not only does it increase your shadow damage, but now it increases your pet damage. Blizzard has been trying to nerve this a couple of times in a row. The Mastery, especially how some pets are able to double dip into Mastery at some point or another is a bit of a problem and I'm not surprised that Blizzard is going to continue looking at it in the future. I am a little surprised it didn't do anything for Frost. I don't really see a lot of people playing Frost DKs. Maybe they're really not in a bad situation. It is just that a lot of people are not into that play style. But you can find that you don't see a lot of them but generally see classes that are performing extremely well. So maybe in the next update, they'll take a look at Frost DK again.





Next we have a balanced Druid change. First, let's take a look at the small change, which is going to be Starfall damage reduced by 6%. I don't think this is going to make any Boomies terrible in Mythic+ or in AoE situations. However, for Legendary for balance of all things, nerf is quite significant. Instead of giving you 50% critical strike for your Arcane and Nature spells when you enter an Eclipse, it now gives you 40%--decreasing by 8% per second instead of 10. So you still will lose all that crit within 5 seconds, but now you start with 40 instead of 50. So Druid is trying to go for some kind of crit cap play style or getting more value out of that crit. I hope that this doesn't ruin Boomies. A lot of the Boomie kids I know are very unhappy about this, but hopefully this doesn't completely take the spec out of a good spot.



Next we have Marksman Hunters with your Aimed Shot and Arcane Shot damage reduced by 5%. And I don't think this would be enough to make Marksman Hunters worse. And I think Blizzard is trying to tone down the output the raw damage Marksman can do and potentially maybe make other specs like Beast Mastery Hunter a little bit better. I'm surprised with this update that we didn't get anything for Beast Mastery since it is the one spec of Hunter that still uses a non-spec specific Legendary. And Beast Mastery has been in a weird spot when it comes to PvE. It was such a good spec to play in BFA, but in Shadowlands, it is just kind of lagging behind Marksman. Maybe a lot of you guys should do what others have done—for sake of your pet and pick up Marksmanship. But if you're someone who's playing Beast Mastery, hopefully we'll see some updates for them in the future.



Then we got a small update for Mages, where Arcane Harmony Legendary Effect now gains up to 10 stacks in PvP instead of 15. Hopefully that doesn't ruin the experience for a lot of you guys that will look to play some Arcane Mage in PvP.



When it comes to Monks, we have ourselves a change to Faeline Stomp where it no longer keep displaying to other players. Faeline Stomp now will correctly fade from view for friendly players, so you won't have this massive beautiful blue tree that they draw with their foot on the ground forever, which I think would make it difficult when it comes to watching out for mechanics that happen on the floor. And also there is another bug fix for Mistweaver—an issue that could cause Summon Jade Serpent Statue (Talent) from casting Soothing Mist. I'm pretty sure we're going to see a lot of bug fixes for Monks because they were the buggiest spec back on the beta.



Reverberation carrying Conduit effectiveness is reduced by 50% when engaged in combat with enemy players. The actual Echoing Reprimand (Kyrian ability) also has been nerfed by 50%.


For Assassination, we also have a Nightstalker Talent that increases damage dealt while Stealth is active by 25%.


And also there are changes for Subtlety for PvP, Cold Blood is now properly reduced by effects such as Versatility. Nightstalker increases damage dealt while Stealth or Shadow Dance is active by 8% instead of 12% when engaged in combat with enemy players, so that is a 4% nerf. And Shadow Blades now deals an additional 30% damage against enemy players instead of 40%. It looks like Blizzard is going after Rogue's PvP as special as a carrion and I wonder if this will be enough for players to actually swap out of Kyrian. I don't think Blizzard is trying to get players out of Kyrian into other covenants. But I do wonder if this will be enough to get other people to try other covenants. This is a significant nerf to Rogues especially as Kyrian, particularly for PvP.



Finally we have an update for Elemental with Echoes of Great Sundering Legendary Effect, which is that when you use Earth Shock, your next Earthquake will do extra damage. Now you'll have a slightly longer duration for this ability, which I think is a good thing. I always find it on the beta and try to go for Earth Shock into Earthquake really quickly. But now you can slow down your gameplay and catch the buff when you need it.



We also have a change to Pelagos Soulbind in particular combat meditation, which gives you a big portion of Mastery. It is now reduced by 50% in PvP but duration is increased by 50%, so you don't lose all the value. This will make classes that use Mastery for bursts like Subtlety Rogues a little bit less effective, but they will have a longer Mastery.



We also got a significant change for players in 2v2 Arena. You will no longer have dampening applied at the very beginning, so the games are going to last for a bit and into 5 minutes while the dampening start. So normally when you do 2v2, dampening starts at 20%, which makes it harder for Healer to maintain. And I think this will allow double DPS players a lot more opportunity to score wins. It is going to be a buff for Healers. But with so many other classes having extra healing, especially Hybrid classes, maybe even Druids or Shamans and Paladins, they will now have ability to actually survive for quite a bit. Double the damage that you put out can make the pace of the game faster. I'm actually very excited about this one. I wonder if it'll impact PvP in any way particularly for 2v2, which are not super competitive because you can't get achievements from them. But it's still a really cool combo.


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