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What Is There to Do in WoW Shadowlands Pre-Patch


The pre-patch for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion has finally arrived. A lot of things have been changed. The leveling overhaul has come through and everything got squished. You may not know what you can do in pre-patch to get ready for Shadowlands. MmoGah here would like to provide some views. We are also a website where you can buy safe WoW Gold with fast delivery.


The video below is from Kelani. All of the content is quoted from this video.  




Character Creation

The first thing you should do is to pop by the barber shop. The pre-patch has unleashed the potential of World of Warcraft character customization and it's all available for you to mess about with at the barber shop---new hairstyles, new hair colors, new skin colors, and new face shapes. You can also change your eye color, and there are new tattoos, new facial features, such as mustaches, beards, and jewelry. Even if some body jewelry depends on your race, we have never had this much customization before in World of Warcraft. A few previously locked options have also been opened up, such as the Death Knight hair colors which everyone should be able to make use of now. We have so much choice now and the ability to tailor or craft a character that you want to play.


Most of the original races have the most new stuff. But a lot of Allied races actually don't have anything new which is slightly disappointing. But I’m sure this system will be worked on continuously from now on, such as new hair styles, colors, faces, ears, jewelry. All of that stuff can be added at any time. Now thanks to the creation overhaul, so expect many more changes in future patches and expansions. I'll be creating a few characters just to play around and see what can be done. I might end up with an even larger alt army going into Shadowlands.



The main change in this pre-patch is the leveling overhaul and the level squish. You may have noticed you lost a few levels on the swap over---down to level 50 for any max level characters that you had. That means that any new character you create only needs to go from level 1 up to level 50 to be ready for the Shadowlands expansion. That sounds much better than having to get 120 levels in my opinion.


What’s more, leveling is significantly faster now when compared to before, even without the double XP bonus. So this really is a great time to level if you want. Check out the changes to leveling in general and just prepare your roster for a new expansion.


Maybe you want a few more alts for professions in Shadowlands or you want a few options to just change things up every now and then or maybe you want to explore all four covenants without having to swap your main character's covenant. There are plenty of reasons to play alts and actually playing alts is going to be much easier in Shadowlands thanks to the end game being alt- friendly.


With the leveling overhaul, you can play through any expansion from 10 to 50. When you get to level 10, just hop back to capital city and find the little sand timer icon on your map and that's Chromie. She can kick-start your adventure in any expansion and you can play through those zones until you hit level 50.






And you can also queue up for any of those expansions dungeons. So if you love TBC dungeons or MOP dungeons and you only want to do those, set your expansion with Chromie and sign up for a random dungeon. I know so many players have been leveling over the past few months with the special bonus that we had, but if you have any leveling left in you or any alts left to get up to max, that's probably the best or most exciting thing you can do in pre-patch right now. I absolutely love the changes to leveling and I can't wait to round out my roster of all classes up at max level.


Something else that may have slipped past you related to leveling is Allied races. All of the reputation requirements were actually removed from the unlock requirements for all Allied races. So if you've been itching to pick up a Nightborne or any of the other Allied races, but the one thing that was standing in your way was the reputation requirements, you should be able to pop by your Allied race building and just start the quests to unlock them now. All rep requirements have been stripped out, so as long as you have the other quest requirements, the allied races are ready for you. Remember you have to level up an Allied race to earn their special heritage armor. So if that's something that you still haven't done yet and you want to get done, maybe now is the perfect time before we get super busy with a brand new expansion.


And then the other big thing I would suggest you do is play about with the changes on your main characters. The pre-patch brought many class changes with it, for instance, new or different talents, new spells and abilities old spells being brought back, certain spells becoming available for all specs. Your class most likely won't play the same as it did before and even if it's still similar you'll need to get used to the new numbers that we're seeing. So play about with all the characters that you want to play in Shadowlands.


Another huge change that will affect how your character plays is the removal of corruption. So adjust down to Azerite traits and essences once again. For some folks, this won't change much, and you just won't get the free damage procs. But for others this will drastically change how you play and it might even upset the balance of specializations even further. Some specs relied so heavily on corruption that they probably won't do very well without it, so that's something else to look into.


Then you're going to make sure that you are comfortable with your class before Shadowlands launches. So you don't have to worry about learning your class or spec again while leveling, which lets you focus on the new expansion, so you can just enjoy it.


Now is also a perfect time to get your quest log tidied up. If you've been holding on to quests and waiting for the right moment to finish them off, there's no better time than now. If you don't actually want to finish the quests, just dump them. You can always go back and get them later, and having a clean quest log is going to feel great before going into a new expansion.


We don't have too much to do just yet. The actual pre-patch event with quests won't start up until we get closer to the expansions launch. And we still don't have any extra info on that, so we're just playing the waiting game again. Just get your alts leveled up and have some fun with the levelling changes, get used to your favorite characters and specs once again and tidy everything up, so you're ready to take on the Shadowlands when it finally does arrive.


Prepare enough WoW Gold for Shadowlands and don’t forget to check out MmoGah for more WoW guides.


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