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Beginners Guide to Trading in ArcheAge Unchained 


Last time, we discussed about how to get started with fishing in ArcheAge Unchained, and this time, we are going to talk about the trading part. For those who are wondering where to get the donkey for trading or where to start with trading as a whole, the guide is especially useful. Besides, if you want to know more guides about ArcheAge Unchained, make sure to check out MmoGah, a reliable website where you can buy safe ArcheAge Gold.


The video below is from Init Yeah, in which he shares a detailed process of how to get started with trading.




Getting Your Donkey

First you need to open yourself a world gate and get to your starting point of the quest. Once you arrive in Marianople, you need to go towards the Blue Salt

Brotherhood person, who is identified with the green leaf above his head, then talk to him and he is going to give you the quest that rewards you with your donkey. He is also likely to give you another quest, which is going to be making a crafting. You can take this now since you're probably going to want to do it at some point anyway. And this will save you a trip to come back in the future.


Once you have the quest, you can just click on it in your quest log and click on the map. It will show you where you need to go, which will allow you to plan the way that you want to run there. You could also open the world gate, but it's not too far away, so you can just jump on your horse and make your way across by yourself.


Once you enjoyed the scenery and arrived at the Community Center, you need to talk to the Blue Salt Brotherhood person and hand in the quest. He is going to give you the option to pick which color of the donkey you want, and there is no benefits on any color, so just pick whatever you prefer.


And then we're going to raise this donkey into a fully-grown one. Make sure that you do grow your donkey before you make your pack, otherwise just like me, you won't be able to move very quickly. Your donkey will want you to play with it, entertain it and feed it, so give it some water, or give it a bath, which will help grow a good bond of your new friend.


Trading Packs

Once you have grown your donkey, you need to head back to the Community Center. This is where you're going to craft your trade pact. If you look on the quest log, it will tell you what pack you need to make.




Once you've opened the crafting table, you can either find it in the list on the left or search for the name in the search option. You might notice that there are two options for the same trade pack. One of these is going to be with Gilda Dust and the other is going to be the one that uses Gilda of Stars. Once you've found the one with the Gilda of Stars, just look on what ingredients you need to make this. For me it was ground grain and wool, or you can just buy these off the auction house. You don’t need to worry too much because any gold you spend will be returned to you once you have this pack sold.


Once you have got all the ingredients you need to make the pack, just head to your mailbox and receive them. And then head straight back to the Community Center to craft the pack that you need. Once you've made this, you'll realize that you do walk a lot slower, so this is where the donkey comes in. Just hop on your donkey and you're good to go.


You will now notice that the quest is asking you to take this trade pack to a different person, so hop back into the map, and plan your route to the next area. For me it was 2 Crowns. As soon as you have planned your route, just stay on your donkey and enjoy the scenery.


When you have arrived at the quest destination, you need to talk to the NPC named Specialty Buyer. You will then sell this trade pact to them. As you can see, you do get pretty much most of your gold back for this. They will also reward you with the experience and if you are level 50 or higher, you will be given another quest, which will lead you onto sail overseas, and this quest will reward you with a sixteen by sixteen farm. But if you are running level 40, then this is the end of the line for you at the moment.


If you head back to the Specialty Buyer, you'll be able to filter the price to the highest value and then you can see which pack you should be bringing. The higher the demand on a pack, the more you're going to be able to get paid from doing this. Usually the Blue Salt packs are pretty good to bring. If you make them, then you can definitely make a lot of profit.


Since now you have your donkey, you can get into trading and make a little bit of gold before you have your farm cart. But once you get your farm cart, you can bring more packs and this means more money. Besides, different Community Centers will pay you different prices for each pack, so if you have the time or the effort, you can go around and see which will pay you better.


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