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3 Easy Ways of Gold Making in ArcheAge Unchained


Gold makes every MMO world run and the world of ArcheAge Unchained is no different in this regard. Everyone wants to get rich quickly, whereas it is not an easy thing. Here MmoGah as a professional ArcheAge Unchained Gold seller would like to share some ways to make gold.


The video below is from a real player Belamy Prime, in which he shares 3 easy and lazy ways of ArcheAge Gold Making. The content below is written in the first person.


Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KR7h4ynIm4


Planting Trees

I have my little house and a bunch of baobab trees here. They are arid trees, which would grow faster in arid climates. And you have to buy these with vocations. What’s more, they harvest every fourteen hours. If you're in arid climate, then it’s 10 hours. So you can harvest these twice per day to get all the fruit from them and I pretty much have one of my alternate characters dedicated to farming these twice a day.









The reason why this is super easy gold is that you don't have to do anything with it other than just picking the fruit. For example, you don't have to sell it on the auction or you don't have to turn them into packs. It takes me about 20 minutes to pick it all on my old character and I get almost 200 gold every time I picked them.


Doing Your Cargo Daily

Now you have your family quest available when you open up your family daily missions. This is available to both factions, whether it is the west or the east. So you pick up this quest, it essentially wants you to buy a cargo pack and then deliver it. Generally it will cost you 26 gold. And then take it over on the NPC boat. I'm going to buy a captain's protection for 5 gold, or you could also buy a captain's protection for 1,000 vocation if you happen to have a bunch of spare vocation. So I'm going to go ahead and jump onto this boat and activate my captain's protection.









Basically I can just sit afk on this boat for about 15-20 minutes until it arrives over in two crowns. And generally you have to hold onto something so that people can't push you off the boat. If you can't get access to a seat, you can climb onto the bottom of the ladder and then climb up. So you can't fall off and people can't knock you off. You stay on the boat like this until you travel to the other side.








When you're running a pack, you usually want to turn it in, which will cost labor. We don't want to do that because if we're turning it in for the actual price, you'll probably get 12 or 13 onyx archeum essence. Whereas if we turn it in for the quest, not only is it going to cost us zero labor, but it's going to guarantee to give us 200 onyx archeum essence. So we spend 31 gold to buy the pack and the captain's protection together. By turning this in for the quest, we can get the quest reward, which is 20 onyx archeum. And you can sell it for 50 gold. So I can make myself 20 gold profit for almost no effort and get myself a little bit of vocation badges.


Having Some Sort of Farm Cart Wagon

It's going to be about running packs, but it's not what we regularly do, which is growing the materials and running your packs. This is just a lazy way that I like to run packs. I'll just open up my map, and we can tell that windscour in war will go into peace in 15 minutes. Then I will open up my folio and find that the safest one to go for is the Preserved Gilda Specialty for that zone. The Windscour Preserve Gilda Specialty requires 300 trimmed meat per pack and 3 Moringa fruits. Then I open up the auction house and find that trimmed meat is 2 silver 8 copper, which is going to cost me 6 gold 24 silver for the pack. What’s more, 3 Maringa berries will cost us one gold, so seven and a half gold will be enough to make a pack. So you can see that I just directly buy the mats from the auction house without spending any labor to get the mats as well as using any of my land to farm the mats.


Then I can go to trade info, the pack we're going to craft in windscour will be sold later. Preserved Gilda Specialty is at 74% demand on my server right now, which is pretty low. So I'm over here in solace to see how much that effect is going to take. It turns out that it's only worth about 22 gold after you turn it in, which is not great. Whereas, we're making about 13 gold profit just by lazily buying mats, making the packs and running them. It’s not bad. Then we can tell it's 84% at Ynystere. So I'm going to go ahead and make a port over to the Ynystere a trade outlet. We'll see if it's worth taking over there and if it's worth a little bit more gold. If it's worth it, we might take it there. Otherwise we'll probably just take it to solace. Just like the theme of this video that I'm lazy, and I'll probably just run some packs through windscour straight into Arcum and Mahadevan. It takes me 20-25 minutes to run without using fuel and I will make about 70-80 gold just for a single pack run. Since it doesn't take a lot of time, I could easily do two of those runs during the peace time in windscour Savannah and you can do this pretty much anywhere. So through running the windscour packs, I would made 70-80 gold, which is not bad.


The video provides 3 easy ways of making ArcheAge Gold without making much effort. Whereas, if you want to get rich without any effort at all, to buy ArcheAge Unchained Gold from a trustworthy website is a wise choice. We, MmoGah, who has run the online gold selling business for more than ten years, will provide complete and careful services for you.


In addition, if you want to know more guides about making gold in ArcheAge Unchained, please visit us, MmoGah.  


MmoGah is an online website focused on Virtual Game Products. We are committed to creating original Game News, Tips, and Guides to elite gamers.

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