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PoE 3.11 Builds: Best League Starters



Welcome to the best league starters for PoE 3.11: Harvest. A good start can set the stage for success for the rest of the league. Navandis Gaming’s video helps you choose a good league starter build so that you can have a considerable advantage over others and much more PoE Harvest currency to bankroll other characters you'll want to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN4fM0r3Ms8






1. Arc Witch

First up is the completely reworked Arc Witch build, one of the most beginner-friendly builds. Arc builds have been synonymous with the concept of a league starter, and this one is not an exception. It destroyed Delirium content completely, which was arguably one of the most challenging leagues in recent memory. 

On top of that, Arc is one of the best clearing skills in the game, depending very little on gear. When leveling, you can pick up any sceptre or wand you find, and it will work great. With a very intuitive play style and absolutely no complex mechanics, it's a beginner's best friend. Fast-paced and amazing at killing large packs of mobs, you will cruise through story mode and knock the first few Atlas tiers with ease. While it's not a fantastic boss killer, that's generally beyond the purpose of a league starter, and it can also get there by investing in some end-game gear after you start amassing some Path of Exile currency.


2. Double Strike Champion

My second suggestion for a league starter is the manly man, Double Strike Champion. A pure melee build, if you enjoy going toe to toe with your enemies and smashing their faces up close and personal, this is the right choice for you.


While the devs are trying real hard to push people into using two-handed weapons this league, slow, ponderous, combat is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people want quick, action-packed, fast-paced combat, and this is what this build delivers. With incredible mobility, great defenses, and very solid damage against both single targets and large packs, the build is an excellent all-rounder, capable of easily doing pretty much all existing content. It's also really accessible to newer players, as it doesn't need any mandatory unique items apart from a pair of really cheap gloves. It works very well with lower budgets, but there's always room to invest into more expensive gear and get better performance. This makes it ideal for a long-term project, and it can transition from a league starter to your main build without wasting anything.


Finally, the build has this insane ability to melt bosses. If you line-up a few buffs and flasks, you'll be able to skip entire phases of some of the hardest boss fights in the game. While this is not a critical perk for a starter build, it does matter if you decide to push it further into the league.



3. Skelemancer

My next recommendation for a league starter is an absolute beast of a summoner, the Skelemancer. This necromancer relies on raising an army of skeletons along with a few other minions who are there to support them, most notably zombies and spectres. What makes this build an amazing league starter is first and foremost its complete gear independence. Almost none of your minions damage comes from equipment. No strength stacking, no expensive jewels, or mandatory uniques, which are crucial for the build's performance. As long as your resistance is capped, you're good to go, and your skeletons will obliterate everything. Even the best-in-slot, end-game gear, costs less than what most builds need to clear white maps.


The Skelemancer is equally good at clearing large packs of mobs as well as killing bosses or other tough targets. Losing a few skeletons will never cripple you as raising some more doesn't require corpses. Not only that, but summoner builds are a beginner's best friend: they allow you to observe and learn difficult fights or complex game mechanics while your minions do the heavy lifting. It's much easier to master tough boss fights when minions take care of dealing damage, and your only concern is proper positioning and staying alive.



4. Scourge Arrow Ranger

My fourth suggestion is the Scourge Arrow Ranger. Incredibly fast-paced and with excellent clearing capabilities, this poison build is a farming and leveling beast. Firing a charged and piercing arrow will create spore pods which explode into many projectiles that shred enemies to bits and poison them. No special aiming or targeting is required, and this works great when you're trying to learn new league's mechanics. 


Most of its efficiency comes from gems and passives rather than gear, making it perfect for the first days of a new league. It doesn't need any mandatory uniques, and even its best-in-slot gear is usually quite cheap. Just grab any bow with decent attack speed, and you're good to go. Focus your other gear on defenses, and you'll cruise through story mode and the first Atlas tiers. As any respectable farmer, it's able to run every map mod, and that is a huge advantage when you start going through the Atlas. You won't waste any time or currency to re-roll maps and get many more drops, significantly boosting your efficiency.



5. Arc Mines Saboteur

My final recommendation is the Arc Mines Saboteur, which is the more advanced version of an Arc build. If you're a more experienced player or really want to play an amazing miner build, then this would be a top pick. 


While Arc doesn't need any introductions as it's hands-down the best clearing spell in the game, adding mines into the mix brings it to a whole new level. In fact, this is one of the fastest leveling builds out there – generally speaking, mine builds are known to be some of the most efficient in the game, and when using Arc, this is doubly true. There's a good reason why almost all speed-runners are using mines when racing. 


With mines, most of your damage comes from gems themselves, so even if you rub two sticks together, you'll still end up with very solid DPS, which is excellent in a fresh league economy. The few unique Path of Exile items used in this build are only necessary once you're running mid-tier maps, so, long after you've passed the league starter phase. By then, you'll also amass tons of currency with this great farmer build, allowing you to pimp your character properly. At that point, damage-wise this will likely be the best build you've ever played, being capable of easily surpassing 10 million DPS even with basic gear. 


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