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PoE 3.11: Harvest League Guide


Path of Exile Harvest league has nearly arrived, and we're already looking forward to massive changes to skills, Two-Handed melee gameplay, passive skill tree improvements, Atlas shuffle, and more. This current version of this guide is based on all the pre-release information available.








1. The Harvest League Mechanic

With Path of Exile: Harvest (3.11), Grinding Gear Games aims to switch gears a bit and address concerns of a meta that is too fast, requiring the highest clear speed possible in order to kill everything for loot explosions, something critics claim makes the game increasingly stale. Harvest introduces a concept of receiving relatively less loot, but instead offering players possibly the best crafting system so far.


In short, each area you enter will contain a Seed Cache, which will drop some seeds when opened. Once this is done, Oshabi will open a portal to The Sacred Grove, where you will be able to plant seeds and harvest them a short while later. Upon harvesting, you will have to kill monsters and collect their Lifeforce. With that Lifeforce you can either choose to craft something immediately, or store it in order to grow higher tiers of seeds.


Harvest essentially allows you to create your own encounter; having enough game knowledge will allow you to know how powerful the enemies will be upon harvesting. There will be three major bosses for each type of seed.


The league mechanic has no timers, there is no clear speed rush, and you have time to just farm! You will be able to store seeds and generate encounters whenever you want. Nothing “dies on the vine”, so you will essentially be able to play the Harvest content whenever you want. Seeds will also be stored in dedicated storages, meaning you will not have to clutter your stash tabs with these.


2. Seeds and Harvesting

There are three types of seeds that can be found in seed caches – Wild, Primal, and Vivid. In order to harvest the seeds you should have a Lifeforce Collector of the same type. Each seed takes a number of growth cycles to mature. A growth cycle occurs every time you open a seed cache. For example, if your seed requires 8 growth cycles in order to be harvested, you will need to open 8 seed caches. Once seeds have matured, you can activate the appropriate Lifeforce Collector to fight the monsters and collect the Lifeforce, which can then be either used for crafting or saved up in a Condenser for future projects. Condensed Lifeforce cannot be used for crafting, but is important for growing higher tiers of seeds.


Seed monsters will have the chance to sometimes drop tier 2 seeds. These will require more complex gardening in order to reach maturity. Tier 2 seeds may need to be planted near other seed types and will also need to be sprayed with Condensed Lifeforce. For this you will need to build Dispersers. Tier 2 seeds will allow access to better rewards, along with the chance of getting Tier 3 seeds.


Gardens can be kept fairly simple by growing a vast amount of Tier 1 seeds. You can also use more complex methods in order to face tougher foes and acquire better loot.


3. Gardening Tools

There are four types of gardening tools so far. You will start your garden with a certain amount of gardening tools provided to you for free. Later on you will be able to purchase more of what you need with Condensed Lifeforce.


4. Stanchion – Supports conduits between Collectors, Condensers, and Dispersers

Condenser – Stores condensed Lifeforce

Lifeforce Collector – Extracts Lifeforce from harvested seeds. Has three types for each type of seed

Dispersers – Moistens the seeds with Condensed Lifeforce in order to grow


5. Crafting options

Here is a compilation of well known crafting options coming in the Harvest league.


6. Two-handed Melee changes

Two-handed melee builds have been an underdog for long time and are finally seeing some love. Most Two-Handed weapon types will be buffed and they will also see passive skill tree improvements. Some old melee skills will be re-categorized as Slam skills. The new Fist of War Support will also work very well with Slam skills, improving your AoE and damage significantly. This support gem will have a cooldown, meaning it synergizes very well with slow-hitting builds.


7. Warcries

In patch 3.11 we will be getting four new Warcry skills along with a rework of the three old ones. In general, Warcries will have more impact on the game play and will not feel useless in single target encounters.


8. Brands

Archmage Storm Brand builds shined brightly in Delirium 3.10. This will definitely be nerfed. In patch 3.11 we will be getting new types of Brand skills along with the ability to turn any Spell skill into attachable Brands, which opens a whole new universe of builds for the Brand enthusiasts out there.


9. Passive Tree changes

Some new mechanics like Rage have not been implemented into the passive tree for quite a while and they will finally be supported in 3.11. Along with that we will see buffs to Two-Handed melee nodes. New keystone notables will also be added, some of which can only be acquired via Timeless Jewels at the moment. This also mean that the Timeless Jewels will also be re-balanced.


10. Unique Items

In Harvest 3.11 we will have 50 reworks of old lackluster unique items. Some of the old uniques that will see rebalance are Wake of Destruction and Moonbender's Wing. In addition to that, we will be getting a brand new set of brand 12 unique PoE items. Doryani’s Prototype is a new unique Body Armour that everybody is talking about, which will essentially allow you to downgrade nearby enemies’ Lightning Resistance immensely.


11. Delirium Going Core

The Delirium league introduced the system of Cluster Jewels, greatly augmenting how the passive tree works. The Delirium mechanic will be added to the core game and the Delirium Mirror will have chance to spawn in each area. This chance will be increased by the number of other league encounters that are present in the area. In general Cluster Jewels should be just as accessible as before.


This is everything we know so far about Harvest League, but there is so much more to come, and so many more exciting things to cover and try out. This league is already shaping up to be an exciting one, hopefully they can deliver on so many incredible concepts! Don’t forget to check out MmoGah if you are searching to buy PoE Harvest currency and PoE Power leveling service. We provide safe PoE currency, items, and Power leveling service, and once you buy on it, you will love it...Read on MmoGah.com


MmoGah is an online website focused on Virtual Game Products. We are committed to creating original Game News, Tips, and Guides to elite gamers.

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