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Oatmeal is simply a great start to the day. But preferably choose the normal variant, and not the light boiled, recommend the experts.

Oatmeal gives a slow blood sugar increase, a good long lasting sense of feeling and good digestion. It's a smart start to the day both when you lose weight or want to keep weight, "says Torun Nordberg, a nutritionist at the Information Office for Bread and Grain.

The secret is the healthy life fiber Beta likens.

This dietary fiber is taken slowly into the intestine, thus giving a slow blood sugar increase. Thus, the energy in the oats lasts longer and results in a greater sense of satiety, explains Nordberg.

This is in contrast to so-called "fast carbohydrates" that provide rapid blood sugar increase and short-lived sense of satiety. Fast carbohydrates are found in wheat flour and sugar, and in pastries like loft, half-breed, buns, muffins and other pastries, among other things.

Big grits best

In order to stay long, you should steer away from the sizzling oatmeal, or go for the big grits. The small grits of pungent oatmeal give a slightly faster blood sugar increase. In general, therefore, you should stick to the big grits as it takes ten minutes to cook porridge, "says Nordberg.

Those snobbish can be fine after a hard workout when you need a quick boost of energy, she adds. You should also find the porridge if you have high cholesterol.

A daily intake of at least three grams of beta Lucan, an equivalent end to about 60 grams of oats, can help lower cholesterol levels," confirms researcher Sven H. Knutson at the research institute Sofia.

Knutson and his colleagues now map the health effects of oats and barley.
"Research suggests that oats also help regulate blood sugar levels, but this is less documented," explains Knutson.

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Oats are also healthy in bread and other pastries. But oatmeal is better:
"The healthy dietary fibers work so well in the intestinal system, partly because of the size of the grains. We see that both baking and prolonged soaking make them break down, while cooking directly to porridge preserves the fibers and thus improving the health effects, explains the researcher.

HAVRE: Arrived in Northern Europe 2500 years ago, as livestock from the Levant and Western Indies. Treves well in cool, Nordic climate. Among the few growths we are self-sufficient in Norway, but 90 percent still go to animal feed, mainly in power feed. Because it is gluten-free, oats are not suitable for baking alone. But mixed with other varieties, it provides good, nutritious taste, succulence, and durability to baked goods. (Source: Information Office for Bread and Grain.


Even lava bourn Felon Lindberg believes that moderate amounts of oatmeal should be part of a healthy and varied diet.

- Alone can oatmeal increase blood glucose a part? But due to high fiber and fluid content, it gives far less blood sugar increase than the equivalent amount of ordinary bread, "says Lindberg, and recommends a porridge portion of 40 grams or 1 dl oat as a lunch meal.

VARIES: With accessories like this you will have more taste and more nutrition. Cane sugar is richer in minerals than regular sugar.

(5-6 servings)
5 dl large oatmeal
12 dl water
2-3 dl milk
1 teaspoon salt


Boil grit and water. Add milk and salt. Boil on low heat for about eight minutes. Stir regularly so that the porridge does not swell. The amount of milk you can regulate according to your wishes and needs! (Source: Information Office for Bread and Grain)
(1 serving)

1 dl large oatmeal or 1/2 dl soy lemon and 1/2 dl oatmeal
2-3 dl water or milk or soy milk
Slightly sodium-reduced salt (egg Local or Saltine)

Empty Felon Lindberg.

2 tablespoons seed and nutmeg
1 dl (1/3 cup) Cottage cheese or Skier or Keas natural
1 tablespoon cold-pressed flaxseed oil (to enrich the dish with omega 3 fatty acids can be loosened)
Pour the grains into the water for a few minutes. Boil them in milk or water with a little salt until they are tender. Add seed and nutmeg and stir in cottage cheese / Cherry / Keas and possibly oil.



1 dl sunflower seeds
1 dl almonds/nuts
1/2 dl broken flaxseed
1 dl pumpkin seeds
Nuts and seeds chopped or finely ground. Keep in mind that flaxseed must be painted to make the body use them. Store in a refrigerator in a refrigerator.

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