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Beware Online Predators Do a Criminal Background Check Breighner Selma Submitted 2014-08-28 18:47:22 There is something very frightening going on that most parents don't know about. While most people do realize that there are internet predators Trent Brown 49ers Jersey , they really don't understand how many and what kind of organized groups they hang out in. The fact is that there are pedophiles and sex offenders all over the internet. Many of these sex offenders and pedophiles are very proud of their actions and thoughts; in fact, there are groups of these offenders trying to change laws in order to be able to indulge their sexual desires. Most of them are convicted criminals and travel in circles of other convicted criminals - doing what? They are looking for vulnerable children online. This is a terrifying thought, isn't it? As parents, you need to be very proactive to keep your children safe like running a Criminal Background Check. Here are some important tips to keep your kids safe online. Do not allow your children to post pictures of themselves online. Do not post pictures of your children on any social networking sites. Predators have been known to take pictures from online albums and post them on pedophile websites. Pay very close attention to the people that your children communicate with online. Many pedophiles and sex offenders try and lure children into conversation. According to many experts, pedophiles will speak to a child or adolescent for weeks or months before trying to set up a meeting with them. Should you find a suspicious person is e-mailing, chatting or instant messaging your teenager or child, you should find out who it is. There are some very easy ways to do this. The first thing you should do is visit one of the websites that allow you to perform an instant background check on someone - even with just their e-mail address. One of these websites is record-detective there you can start an Online Criminal Background Check. With this website, you can enter an e-mail, name, address etc and find out if that person has ever been convicted of any sort of crime. You will also find out their name, address and phone number along with local and nationwide arrest and conviction information. This will tell you if you should be worried about this person that your child is speaking to. Obviously Zane Beadles 49ers Jersey , if it is an adult, you should be nervous. There is no reason for an adult to chat, message or e-mail a child that they have met online. Should you find that the person you are searching has been convicted of a crime, especially a sex offender crime; you should report them to your local police as well as your FBI immediately. A large percentage of sex offenders will commit another crime, talk to another child, view pictures of children online and many more horrifying things. Reporting these people to the proper law authorities is imperative. They are violating the law if they are talking to your child. Check them out. Find out who they really are with the method explained above. Make sure your child is safe. Unfortunately, a parent cannot be too careful if they want to keep their children safe from harm Author Resource:- For more information, go to Online Criminal Background Check and criminal background check Article From Article Directory Database ? As I stand and watch the two boys twist, run and shout across the field I realise that their ages are a mystery to me. They could be 12 or 20 in the open fields, flying a large outdoor remote controlled aeroplane screaming: catch it, catch it. Apparently Andrew Tiller 49ers Jersey , according to an overview of child well being in 40 rich countries carried out by Unicef, our children are struggling, in all senses of the word. The UK was placed at number 21 in the league and the Children s Commissioner for England, Professor Sir Al Aynsley Green, said: We are turning out a generation of young people who are unhappy, unhealthy, engaging in risky behaviour, who have poor relationships with their family and their peers, who have low expectations and don t feel safe. Julie Kenark, 55, mother of Danny Mike Purcell 49ers Jersey , 14, and Stuart, 16, is found in a rare state of quiet reflection up on the hills while her boys chase planes. She explains: I think the survey is spot on. Its so nice to see these two like this but its rare. Before this, Christmas life with the boys has been impossible, both Danny and Stu complied with the surveys results, but to be honest things have changed! Danny had just been expelled again and I was dreading having both him and his brother at home. They usually fight like cat and dog or just stare moronically into the TV screen day in day out. I spoke to the councillor at Dans school who recommended I push for more time outdoors. We moved house to a place close to a local recreation ground and my husband and I pushed the boys to spend more time with outdoor toys. We bought them remote control planes, bikes, footballs and these big adult outdoor games this Christmas instead of the usual video games and now the boys are getting on better than ever as a result of it. A spokes person for the education department at the University of Brighton explains: We can all do our bit. If the policy makers will take the emphasis away from competitive assessments and towards creating an exciting and motivating environment for children to learn in then perhaps our children will feel more excited and motivated to learn and to play. This should help move vulnerable young adults away from socially unacceptable behaviour. I remember what .

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