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Between one run ball games adidas superstar supercolor rouge femme , walk-off wins, and a competitive series between two teams, it's hard not to get excited about playoff baseball. After a long grueling season of 162 games, only 8 out of 27 teams make it into the spotlight. As I sit here and watch Derek Lowe of Atlanta pitch the second game of the series on short rest, I can't help but to admire the preparation and discipline that goes into an entire season of great baseball performances. Now that I no longer play, I can step back and really appreciate what it takes to be successful at that level. After a long 162 game season, players must battle through 3 more series to take home the most coveted prize in baseball. And if that's not enough, the "playoff atmosphere" will make these games the most mentally and physically demanding baseball games of the year. Along with thousands of other college players, I played just over 100 baseball games every year. Between an intense regular season and grueling summer season, any player will tell you that a well needed rest is due come the end of the year. Now, stepping back as a fan, I am even more amazed at the commitment these players make year after year after year. The millions of dollars in salary definitely helps their cause, but do not under estimate the physical and mental discipline it requires to perform consistently at that level. Achieving and maintaining success they have earned is a lifestyle commitment. Although their may be a designated period for "training camp" or "pre-season" to prepare, everyday is test of your current ability, and a learning experience for the future. You see, success is a product of your mental and physical habits. This means that every action you take will have one of two results, create a good habit or create a bad habit. Consequently, success never takes a day off. Now of course you don't have to train your baseball hitting skills every day, or work your motion to the plate every day adidas superstar supercolor rose pale , but it does involve a tremendous amount of discipline and the elimination of shortcuts from your mode of thinking all together. Short-cuts bread laziness, and laziness ensures mediocrity or worse. Even the simple choice of what do drink, what to wear, how much sleep will get affect your energy level and thus your performance. In order to be game ready over the course of an entire season, players must have a minute to minute commitment of good choice after good choice. If your not asking your self the question, "is this going to make me better or worse?" at least 10 times a day, your not challenging yourself to be better. Many people coast through there daily decisions without ever stoping to think. It is a bit cliche, but it's true, hold yourself to a higher standard. While other people are eating pizza, eat a salad, while other people leave early, stay late. These constant additions of added effort will give you an advantage at the end of the day. Professional baseball players have these daily performance plans down pat. From the time they get up from the time they go to bed their mindset is to improve their skills and give themselves the best opportunity to succeed. However, if you are a young athlete still struggling to find his way, you can be easily distracted by trying to balance all parts of your life. Take the time to notice your faults and your strengths. This can help you design a baseball training game plan that will not only help you build your skills, but build your character as well. Do not be fooled that talent alone will make you success, you must have the strength in character and mind to reach your goals. In order to begin making quality decisions on a minute by minute basis you have to actively try and look a things from a different perspective. I have often beed told, "You can't solve a problem with same mindset that created it." If you are struggling with an issue whether on the baseball field, or in the classroom, ask someone else's opinion. Don't just choose any random person adidas superstar pride pack pas cher , find an expert who knows more about the topic then you do. Education is a powerful tool that will change anyones perspective. By reading or listening to different approaches to the same topic, you naturally incur what it is like to begin a task with a different mindset, but also achieve same result with a different solution. If you want to be the best batter on you team, train like the best batter. Spend time developing your batting mechanics and do what is necessary in your batting training sessions, not just what is fun. If you want to be the best fielder, or pitcher, try out some new baseball drills or learn a new way to approach your position differently. The better quality education you receive and the higher focus repetitions you are able to practice, the better you will become. By know you should be saying to yourself, "This all sounds great, but where do I begin?" Keep it simple. What is it that you are really after on the baseball field? What do you want to accomplish in your next baseball batting training session? What grades do I want to get in school or what job would I like to have? Simply thinking about what you want to accomplish isn't enough! The day to day complications of life will distract you and make you forget what you are really after. Take a solid hour to sit down, think through, write out what you really want to accomplish with your career. The morale of the story is fully invest your time what you want to accomplish and make a lifestyle choice to be successful. Without it, you will be one of the many baseball teams the play in league, but never make the playoffs. If you want to shine, then shine! Write down your goals, write down daily action steps that move your forward, and go accomplish your goals! Author's Resource Box Get more effective hitting videos on our website! When you want to improve your baseball training skills, you can get the complete details you need today!

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