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Fantastic Auction House Silver Making in Tree of Savior


In Tree of Savior Auction House offers a very aggressive approach to trading. This approach requires a great deal more users’ interaction to sell an item than one might otherwise expect. Most players sell unwanted items which are probably used to merely to NPC avatars who stand around in city shops. Auctions are much different, but they can make a fabulously wealthy player in almost no time compared to the traditional ways of raising cash.

Selling Items for Big Money in Auction Houses

In some aspects, the process is much like selling an item in the market. Anyone who wishes to participate in an auction has to first visit an Auctioneer NPC. These characters are located conveniently right next to the main market grounds in each city. The orientation of the building itself might change a bit, but it generally looks the same. When administrators make changes to the default patch and the look of the building shifts somewhat. It's a good idea to keep an eye out in order to avoid missing anything.








Sellers will have to register their items. This process is the same as those who were selling items to the market instead of auctioning them off. Once they've been registered, the seller needs to figure out how much tree of savior silver they want to make from the item. Make sure that any demands here are reasonable. Players won't pay ridiculous prices for something that isn't worth it. They'll also be a bit suspicious if something really valuable is being sold for very low prices.


When setting up an auction sellers have several different options to set:

A buy it now price

A starting bid price

Minimum bid increments

The duration of the auction


Anyone who has used an actual online auction site will have no trouble figuring out these options. For those who might be a bit new to this, the starting bid is the absolute minimum that someone will have to pay for the item if they bid on it. The duration controls how long the Auctioneer NPC will let other players bid on the items. Players can always use the buy-it-now option to pay a specific fixed price for an item. The minimum bid increment specifies how much another person has to bid over their competition to get listed as the highest bidder in the auction.


Auctioneer NPC avatars will take care of everything else once these options have been set. This is the key to making a great deal of money, since these avatars will generally be able to fetch a much higher price than the market can if an item is interesting. Strangely the official Tree of Savior documentation glosses over most of this information.








Selling Unique Items

Another thing that the official documentation seems to ignore is the fact that crafted items can be sold in the auction house. Some items are exclusive to crafters, and many of these items are unique to a specific class. This means that many players will be more willing to pay higher prices for these. Some character classes can make very rare unique items that will fetch high profits.


Players who want to completely exploit this fact will probably want to opt for the Fletcher class, since blessed holy arrows are hard to come by. Beginning players especially will need these to take out certain bosses. They'll have no choice but to buy them from an auction.


In the auction house valuable items that monsters drop generally sell for around 500,000 tos silver pieces. One of the easiest ways to get rich very quickly is to immediately take all of that loot to the nearest auction house and sort it by level. In theory a mat at level 60 can actually sell for over 1,500,000 silver pieces.








Dealing with Taxes and Fees

Tree of Savior has a tendency to hurt free account players who are trying to get rich in this fashion. Tax on market sales isn't covered in the auction. This means that those who make a lot of money might have to pay a great deal. Paid accounts that carry a token are only on the hook for 10 percent of what they make in an auction, but free account players will have to pay up to 30 percent in fees.


The only way around this for free users who are unwilling to upgrade their account is to start many small auctions at once. This will result in net taxes that are overall lower than if the player had created a single auction and won a great deal of money in it.


Turning Things Off for a Bit

Even though this is the fastest way to get rich in the game, there is one caveat that will slow most players down. Game rules stipulate that silver from the Auction House can't be deposited in a character account until 48 hours after the auction ends. Despite this being a major game mechanic, it's either unknown to most players or ignored.


While you could continue to grind while waiting for payment, there is a practical limit as to how many auctions you can have end at once. Therefore it's sometimes actually best to wait for a bit before continuing with the game. Logging an account out can therefore paradoxically actually make the process faster.








Making Large Amount of Money

Balance out auctions with wise use of the marketplace. While valuable items might fetch around 500,000 silver pieces in the Auction House, worthless ones won't. Therefore selling worthless ones to NPC shopkeepers is generally a better idea. Some players take the money they earn this way and scour the auction lists for valuable items that got ignored by other players. They then scoop these up and sell them at a later date. Think of it as a medieval fantasy version of eBay.


Regardless of what techniques players use, they generally quickly find that these auctions are an excellent way to get rich in Tree of Savior very quickly. In case you do not have available time to study the market, you can consider buy tree of savior gold (TOS Gold Kaufen) from Mmogah site and also they have power leveling service for your choice.


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