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Emotional Intelligence has been found to be the critical suess ftor for leaders when pared with their Intelligence (IQ) and technical expertise. The further a leader goes up in an organization the more they need Emotional Intelligence. Emotionally Intelligent leaders know and manage themselves well and understand and manage others well. These ?monts of truth? happen very quickly and stars consistently do what the average perforr ignores Authentic San Diego Chargers Jersey , avoids or is unaware of. This article explores the invisible territory of inferences and assumptions that employees quickly make of their leaders and leaders constantly make of their direct reports. Often incorrect or based on limited data, these assumptions of leaders are powerful influencers on employee?s motivation, creativity, mood and performance. Leaders are under the Spotlight 247 Communication is important to all of us, but leaders are under the spotlight by their direct reports and the organization all the ti, 247. Like Santa Claus the organization sees when you are good and bad. Almost all leaders I have dealt with don?t realize this to the extent that it happens. Therefore most leaders have under estimated their influence on others and consequently have under perford as have their teams. Most leaders are more concerned with getting their job and tasks done rather than how they are perceived by others. Without realizing it, the snap ots of you are quickly collected to form an impression. It exemplifies what I call ?Snapot Managent.? Members quickly make positive or negative fixed impressions of you as a leader. If your behavior, posture Ladarius Green Chargers Jersey , and style are similar in three to four eting snapots and you can count it on ?One Hand.? Then you get ?thin-sliced? as ?that is you.? People don?t take ti to truly understand your intentions or rationale. They want to know quickly if they can trust you or not. If you are unpredictable, you are untrusorthy in their eyes. Certainty, even if wrong, is more fortable than ambivalence. These snapots may not be aurate portraits of who you are as a leader, but unfortunately they stick in people?s minds and bee ?reality.? How are these snapots ford? Below are so of the basic premises that make leaderip such a challenging endeavor: *People don?t have ti to truly get to know you; instead they take the easiest ort cuts. *2 by 4 rule: The impression you make in the first 4 seconds is so powerful that it takes 4 more minutes to change it 50% either positively or negatively. *Many of these snapots take ple in etings; it is often here that your image as a leader gets crystallized. *You are always municating, even if you are not saying anything. *Everything you say counts. There are no second attempts, editing, or deleting of what you say. *When your words leave your mouth Sean Lissemore Chargers Jersey , you have no control over how they are going to be interpreted. *Listeners are constantly constructing or ?story making.? That ans they are always interpreting what you say. *Your words are transford or reorganized to fit into the listener?s personal story or preconceived idea of you andor similar situations. *There will be more than one story. Eh listener will create his or her own. *The story that is created from your munication determines the aning, not what you tually say. *It is the story, not what you say, that will be rembered, passed on, and municated to others. Given these premises, the likely oute of your munication is that you will be misunderstood, and therefore you need to be very clear King Dunlap Chargers Jersey , deliberate, and focused in your munication. There are many strategies and tools to help you win the empathy and munication battle to reh your targets. These strategies deal with munication, delivery of your ssage, listening well, empathy, clarifying assumptions and other skills to use with your team or groups. Stars will do these strategies consistently or regularly. Getting the Benefit of the Doubt If your snapot image is positive, your colleagues and boss will give you the ?benefit of the doubt? if you miss a deadline or make a mistake. The problem ours when these snapots are negative; because once the impression is made it is almost impossible to change. If this impression was created because you have been unpredictable or impulsive in your behavior, your direct reports Corey Liuget Chargers Jersey , peers, and boss are constantly poised for that sa behavior. They can?t trust that you can control yourself. Even if you make considerable changes over 6-12 months, if the sa impulsive behavior happens again, in most people?s minds you haven?t changed at all. They think, ?There he or e goes again.? I have been in etings with executives talking about the performance of an individual victimized by ?Snapot Managent.? The question discussed was, ?If this person tually made positive changes, would the executives see and recognize them?? Original snapots are so powerful that they can blind people to the multifeted sides of a person. All of the person?s wins, strengths Mike Scifres Chargers Jersey , and capabilities in different settings with different people can blur the original fixed snapot, but it is a very slow process and doesn?t always stick. It is crucial to bee utely aware of how you present yourself in etings and important to learn how to manage the snapots you give people. Collage versus Snapot The goal is to counter the one hand of snapots with a ?collage? of all your suesses and efforts. That may an municating more than you feel is necessary about what you have plied. Many executives say, ?I don?t want to toot my own horn? or ?They will see my results.? In taking the initiative to municate in an rmative and respectful way what you have been doing, y 3rd get together advertisement servers wil.

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