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Hello all been playing since Jan 2015 2 full alphas and beta experience always played in smaller type guild where it seemed like never enough was going on low activity and minimal grouping looking for change for better like your guild dedicated player i'm on 6 hours daily. currently I am dedicated farmer for orbis but changes to farming made it not route i'm looking for want to gather like crazy pvp and pve as much as possible and help in any other way you all will need easy going attitude good buddy Shub is already in your guild can vouch for my character and commitment. Hope to hear from you all soon.......

Echo Of Silence originated as a Guild in 2004. For a very long time we played a once thriving MMORPG called Runescape, however this game fell upon hard times and we began our quest to find a new game to fill our niche for hardcore PVP action. For years we have sought out another game in which our group would thrive again. We believe we have found that now in Albion. We aren't your average guild by buy Albion Online Gold. Our gaming community has stuck together through the death of the game we once loved. This is partially because we have became such good friends over such a long period of time, and partially because we as a community play a great many games together, helping the guild cohesion and ensuring we maintain what we believe to be one of the most close knit gaming communities out there. We have members in various timezones, but our strongest presence will be in the EST and GMT timezones, that isn't to say that we won't be getting into scuffles at the most unpredictable of times, we are an extremely potent clan in Albion Mall. We have plenty of Battle-Hardened Members and we do not back down from confrontation, being up for a battle any time and anywhere is something we have always prided ourselves on as a group.

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