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I have never played this game. I only really started looking into it maybe 5 days ago because I saw the release date is really soon. Anyway, PvP has always been my thing, and although 1v1 arena is where most of my focus will go, I also really want to play 3v3s with my 2 friends. However, it seems like there's not that much talk about 3v3 and its more of a "for fun" thing. Almost like 5v5s in WoW.

So my question is, are there "meta" comps in 3v3s in BnS? Is it disadvantageous to overlap classes? Basically what I want to know is, lets say (hypothetically) my 2 friends and I all roll the same class. Can we make it to the highest of ranks just as easy as someone playing 3 different classes?

Great group comp for sure, not saying other 3's teams cannot be just as good, it really has a lot to do with knowledge of the enemy classes, and predicting whats about to happen. 3v3 is a major mind game, and you have to guess what they are about to do, and figure when they will attempt to tag in.

I also love 1 Destroyer frontman, and 2 summoners, or vice versa. Comps i can say i don't think are good, are classes that don't have high tag in dps for 5 seconds; in my opinion the worse classes for that are Cheap BNS Gold, blade master, and assassin, and somewhat KFM, by no means am i saying they are terrible at tapping in to DPS or save, they can be effective, but nothing like a LBM or Destroyer, or FM and summoner. Those have some amazing 100-0 in 5 seconds, as well as protection vs Stun and Crowd control for those 5 seconds.


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