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1) Any kill on an unflagged player while you are in the group that did the kill counts towards the kill count of your alliance
2) As more territories the Alliance owns as bigger is the Area Multiplicator
3) Killcount is reducing over time with %per hour
4) there is a list in guild which shows the kills based on (1) per member

Now continously the Agressor Factor of an Alliance is now hourly calcualted with Area_Factor multiplied by killcount

What does this mean? It just calucaltes an agression factor that goes through the roof as bigger your groups that zerg unfallged players and as more territories you own.

Based on the threshhold of the agression factor certain things change for the alliance:

1) below threshold peacefull all is as today
2) above Agression 1 for the members of this alliance regarding their protection : green gets Albion Online Silver, yellow gets red ...black gets lethal 1 which gives -5 % to all stats include movement speed
3) above Agression 2 ....green gets red ...yellow gets black...
4) above agression 3: everything is black including towns

You manage the zerging and mega merging of guilds. You not make it impossible but you pay a price for this domination.

I do not think that the proposal is accurate, but the general idea which is adding "cost and consequences" to size and related zerging is where we need to go to adjust it and counter this trends or we will end up with super guilds that zerg everything.

If attack size of the attacking force is >>>> number of attacked ones, there is a chance of 10 % or 5 % or whatever chance, that the "wrath of the gods" is called.

This wrath of the gods calls a group of angels similar amont as the number of attackers (if 2;1, but double if 5:1 or bigger), locks the area for 120 seconds and the power of the "guardian angels" is directly linked to the power of the victim (if you went naked, you may need more Albion Online Gold) which assist and heal the attacked one during the 120 seconds. As bigger the difference in numbers as higher the chance to trigger guardian angels..

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