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Laptops are often used by most people to finish the job as school, work, up to the coursework. No less than it raises some issues that arise in the body such as eye fatigue due to the use, back aching, and other problems. Indeed, the laptop becomes much choice for most people, due to the nature of laptop simple and easy to carry everywhere. Therefore, to avoid problems when the use of a laptop, should you need to know a few healthy tips using a laptop.


When you use a laptop, look for a comfortable sitting position for the body. It is advisable to choose a chair that can be adjusted for height and backrest for the back there. Also do not forget to form a 90-degree angle to the position of the hand and table are parallel, as well as knee and hip.


Perhaps most people often use the laptop on the lap. This coupled with the support of a laptop that can be used in various places. But apparently in health, the way this one is not good for the health of the body, especially for skin health. Indirectly, the skin will be exposed to radiation from the laptop. Therefore, you should place the laptop on a table or can be placed on the colling pad when using it. For those of you who are forced to use on the lap, there is another alternative to using a laptop cooling mat can absorb heat from the laptop.


Healthy tips to use the next laptop is to avoid the use of laptops while sleeping. This does look more casual and relaxed, but in fact it can damage the health of the body, especially to the eyes and neck. As a result of that is the eyes and the neck will be tired, so most likely minus the risk of eye. Of course you do not want the eye to minus.


Mouse is a computer hardware that was created with the aim to facilitate moving the cursor on the PC or the laptop. In addition to simplicity, is also useful to restrict the movement of the hand to allow the injury in the long term. Moreover, there are currently weireless mouse that does not need a cable, but Bluetooth.


After operate a laptop for too long, you should give some time for the body. Stretching and doing light movements. It aims to accelerate blood circulation, stretch the muscles in the body. Do not forget to close your eyes for a few minutes, to avoid eyestrain. Thus the earlier discussion on healthy tips using a laptop that you can know.





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