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Destiny Power Leveling Methods- Differ in Each Stage

Each stage of Destiny requires a different method to quickly level up, we have summarized some helpful tips based on our Mmogah Professional Destiny Powerleveling Team, wishing to give you some help.


Stage 1: Level 1-10

Completing Bounties

Clever players can take advantage of the Bounty Tracker station in the Tower. The Bounty Tracker sells a number of pre-defined bounties to players, many of which include prominent rewards. Several of these rewards are tied to multiplayer modes in The Crucible, besides many of them require no particular skill on the part of the player, demanding only you complete 5 of a particular type of multiplayer mission.

You can keep track of different bounties which upon completion will not only net you vanguard reputation, faction reputation, but also quite a lot of experience points ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 experience.

Below is an example for a better understanding.

The Death or Glory bounty, for example, requires a player complete 5 Clash matches (regardless of victory or defeat) and rewards the player with 5000 XP. Several similar Bounties exist and are continually renewed in the tower. Combining these bounties with points earned in matches, even unskilled players can advance rapidly through the middle levels of the game and become powerful enough to tackle the more challenging second-half of the campaign.

Note: You must go back and speak to the bounty dude in the Tower to claim your rewards after completing a bounty.

Stage 2: Level 10-20

Strike Missions

Strick Missions also become an inditing source of experience, as the compounding XP from defeating enemies and the Strike missions themselves really begins to add up. Characters at this level are also potentially competitive in The Crucible, and can draw quick XP rewards through multiplayer which transfer back to the single-player campaign.

Shrine Of Oryx

To get started, open up your world-map and go to the Moon and start a shrine of Oryx mission with the level 12 modifiers. I would not recommend going beyond this because it will not make any difference.
After starting the mission, keep on playing like normal until you reach the gigantic tunnel. After coming out of the tunnel, you will see about 8 hallowed acolytes with yellow health bars. You need to kill all these hallowed acolytes as quickly as possible!
After clearing out the area [kill the dregs if you wish to do so], go forward and see if the hallowed ogre has spawned. If it has, go back and jump off the cliff to kill your guardian.
By doing so, you will spawn again at the most-recent checkpoint to rinse and repeat the process. By using this method, you will not only level up fast, but will also earn like 40,000 Glimmer per hour, which is pretty insane.

Patrol Missions

Now, there are few players who pay much attention to patrol missions, but these missions are really good for additional experience grinding.
Patrol missions are accessible from the exploration mode of any planet. While in the exploration mode, use the Ghost to find green-lit beacons, which trigger patrol missions.
Missions are fairly simple like assassinating a key target or capturing a zone for the certain amount of time. By completing these missions, you will rack up experience points much faster.
In addition to these patrol missions, also try and play more of multiplayer and objective-based game modes, which will grant you much more experience points than campaign.

Stage 3: Level 20-24

Destiny changes considerably after reaching level 20 and passing the level cap. While experience continues to contribute to the development of abilities and improvement of weapons, it no longer contributes directly to character leveling.
Rather, leveling becomes tied to Light, an attribute associated with certain legendary equipment and weapons. Light is a numeric value assigned to an individual item which may also be increased through developing that item's abilities through use.
The Legendary Gear associated with Light can be obtained at level 20 in several ways:

  1. Through drops gained in regular play (largely at random) and Engrams;
  2. Through Crucible Marks, a form of currency obtained through some Crucible Modes. Crucible Marks can be spent in The Tower to purchase Legendary Gear. Control, Clash, Rumble and Skirmish all earn you equal amounts of Crucible Marks and Reputation. You can only earn 100 marks per week;
  3. Through Vanguard Marks, a form of currency obtained through the Daily Heroic Story and Weekly Heroic Strike. Vanguard Marks may be spent in The Tower for Legendary Gear. You can only earn 100 marks per week;
  4. Through Kill Order rewards through special event Missions, such as Queen’s Wrath;
  5. Through Raids, including the Vault of Glass;

Vanguard Marks are best earned through daily and weekly strikes. Daily Heroic Strikes are special events which unlock daily for post-game players. They become available after reaching Level 20, and offer special Vanguard Rewards. They are more difficult versions of Story Missions with modifiers to increase the challenge.


Weekly Heroic Stories are high-difficulty missions granting significant Vanguard Mark bonuses. They unlock and rotate weekly for Level 20 characters. These Strikes earn you 3 Vanguard Marks, 150 Vanguard reputation and 3 Strange Coins which are used to purchase gear from a vendor who only appears on weekends.

Earning reputation

In addition to spending Marks, you'll also need to earn Reputation to gain access to the items high-level vendors sell. Reputation can be harvested through completing Bounties, Crucible events, Weekly Heroic Strikes, and events like Queen's Wrath. Reputation comes in several forms, including Vanguard, Crucible, and Queen's Favor. Earning enough reputation points increases your Reputation within a faction, unlocking products at high-level vendors.

Stage 4: Level 25 and beyond

Very high level characters become dependent on upgrading their already impressive gear to increase their levels through Crafting. Increasing the power of your already-acquired Legendary and Exotic Gear requires the application of Ascendant Crafting Materials, including Ascendant Energy and Ascendant Shards.

  1. Public Events - Completing a public event on Gold rewards the player with Ascendant Crafting Materials the first time accomplished in a given day, and has a chance to reward the player with more with each subsequent Gold on the same day.
  2. Daily Heroic Missions - Completing a Daily Heroic mission at one level higher than the default usually grants an Ascendant Crafting Material.
  3. Crucible - Completing Crucible matches sometimes rewards a player with Ascendant Crafting Materials.

Mmogah offers safe Destiny Power Leveling, helping you quickly level up, contact us if you need!

Source: Mmogah News Center


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