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"We should be able to figure it out," Jaina said, the sound with a bit angry - she rarely produce this feeling. "We have a Blue Dragon the Master two outstanding abilities, as well as a talented apprentice experience extraordinary. Their gloomy thoughts coupled with the support of the Kirin Tor." Her hand comb comb their blond hair, Yi Zhu emotions. She do not have time to go to anger or angry. She must be thinking.

"Ladies, there is no record to show that there is some kind of magic to hiding a magic item, it is not a stronger mage detected." Kindi said. "We assume that any of who yells 斯比艾泽拉斯 any short-lived race a mage more powerful. Beg your pardon, on the northern castle may have been caught in the hands of the tribe, we can not so sit with wrestling, breaking the thumb nothing to do! "

"I would not worry you do not care, Kindi Kalecgos said," But if I can not get back to the focus of the rainbow, the world may be seriously damaged. Contrast, the North Castle The Fall of like a chess piece on the board less. "

"We are a bit alarmed," Jaina said, forcing his own thoughts to calm down. "But Kailek said. Sooner we find those thieves hiding focus of the rainbow wow gold, it can not be Kailek induction into the method, we will be more and more security."

Kindi nodded. "I know, I know," she said. "But ... this is difficult."

Jaina looked at her apprentice, I think the last time I saw the scene of respect for teachers Antonidas. They stood with his confusion comfortable study, and her request - request - left to help him defend Dalaran against Arthas Menethil offensive. The Alsace has come, and he was on the outside, mocking clamor like a lever for the general deeply stabbed Jaina. She desperately wants to protect this beautiful Master City - but painful to know that one of the Alsace Alsace is the threat to the city. "You have other responsibilities," he said. Protection that you promised to protect the people, Jaina Proudmoore, one more, one less ... no difference. "

Jaina do not doubt that she and Kailek the northern castle war situation can be reversed - if they arrived in time. But even if they succeed, but also how what? The passage of time minutes and seconds. And they do not know who got cursed artifact, he or she is, what plan. Thus, as listening to Ren Andong Leonidas killed, the fall of Dalaran is the right choice, despite the also a grief choice of, she had to believe that stay here looking for the focus of the rainbow is the correct choice.

Jaina felt his own eyes filled with tears, and has been such a long time. She held out her arm and squeezed the weakness of the small hand-Kindi. "As a mage, saddled with such a huge responsibility, which means you have to learn how to make tough choices, I understand how you feel, Jin Di, but we need our local."

Kindi nodded. The midget girls have been tired, and the others are the same. Her pink hair casually tie into a ball, plug eyes with dark circles. Is Te Woshen look older than their actual age and old. Even the Kailek also pinched her lips. Jaina do not want to know that they now look like. She saw the mirror are stalked's.

She frowned back with another reel. Then, she suddenly put it down, watching everyone said. Kindi on, this is happening not able to do any recorded spell. Clearly, however, was to solve this problem, because now things have taken place. Someone hid the artifact Kalecgos unable to induction and I just could not believe that we can not lift it! "She reached out his fist table so that they all looked at her in surprise. Jaina never sent a temper. "If we know what they used magic, even if they correctly guessed category, we will be able to figure out how to counter it."

"But -" Kindi just one opening they bite the lips, because Jaina cast a sharp eye towards her.

"No but not an excuse."

Who do not know how to answer her. Kalecgos looked curiously at her mouth to reveal a little worried expression. Then Jaina again calm down. "I'm sorry I'm just too loud but certainly, certainly we can find a solution!"

They sat there in silence, only the Kindi up for a cup of a new bubble of hot tea for everyone. Kalecgos not quite sure in a hesitant tone said.

"We are in favor of that do not have any known spell so powerful instruments used to be hidden, so that a such a high-end mage like I can not detect. Mention and focus of the rainbow there is a special fetters." He said. The Jaina sip of tea, this familiar taste to let her settle down to nod the Kailek continue to go on. "Therefore, the from Logically conclusion is either a Master clever enough to have invented such a spell. ... This is not happening."

"You say, 'This is not happening' What does that mean?" Kindi screamed asked. "This is happening!"

Jaina raised a hand. It trembling slightly ...... see new hope. "Wait a minute," she said, "Kailek ...... I think I understand what you mean."

He was overjoyed to laugh. "I know you will understand."

"It's not really hiding." Jaina said. Kailek reaction gave her encouragement. Her step-by-step scrutiny, stood up and pacing. "We think so because we have not sense it."

"And we sense it is because it is not something where we are looking for." Kailek said.

"It is!"

"Who would want to open a light to us poor mortals it?" Tewo Shi said dryly. His back toward the back, one by Rocker two chair legs leave the ground. "I did not keep up with your pace."

The Jaina steering he said. "Last year's Halloween time is it?" She said. Suddenly, she recalled a special Halloween could not help but strongly suppress grief in my heart. Alsace invited her to go to the Lordaeron participate in traditional activities to ignite Scarecrow. The moral of this portrait is "burned" ceremony of the people want to get rid of something. Jaina ignited with a spell Scarecrow, The crowd is very happy. That night wow gold later when Jaina feeling she and Alsace between such facilities a curse. Scarecrow burning fire Jaina hand pulled Alsace, cited his bedside. There They first became lovers.

"Please ... say it again?" Te Woshen looked at her, her eyes like feel completely Fengliaoyiban. Jaina resolutely own thoughts back to reality - this problem may be to solve a critical moment.

"In order to attend the celebration, you dressed what?" Her toward another Master asked.

Te Woshen eyes wide open, and began to understand a little of her. Forward to pour himself the chair slammed knock on the floor. Release from that unusual wand silly little tricks me into a pirate. "He said.

"I try to sense the same thing through the magic, but it looks like another thing you said 'silly tricks' manufacturing enough misleading, so I can not be traced to the focus of the rainbow." Caray said Gou Williams. He gazed into the distance, and then laughed. Or, at least ... I had not! "

"And you now!" Kindi excitedly exclaimed.

He nodded. "- No, it just appear and disappear."

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