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So, apparently the start of the year was the "pummel people into jelly" time for game releases.

So, since I've blown through most of MVC 3 and just got into fight night, fiqured nows a good time to give some thoughts on them both.

First, MVC 3.

While the Capcom Vs series of games was always a bit over the top and silly, MVC 3 is clearly not only Aware of this, but reveals in it. I could not Heart it more if i tried.

Firstly, the line up. Solid, well varied, with plenty of different play styles and balanced line up, minus a few over powered charecters ((Im looking at YOU sentinel)), but overall, if theres a play style you like, theres a team up you can make for it, from balanced groups like the Weapon x Team, Deadpool, Wolvie, and X-23, to odd pairings like Felicia, She hulk, and Haggar from Final fight. you even had counter attack and villian team ups, like Albert Wesker having counters for a lot of stuff, or putting Modok, Doom, and Dormamu in a team.

Visuals are solid, bright, colorful, with good 3d models and some fairly engaging backgrounds.The special moves are awesome, and action never drops or slows no matter how crazy it gets.

Audio is solid, though the Music takes a back seat to charecter chatter and some announcer activity if you like. Some charecters steal the Show, Deadpool in particular will have you rolling on the floor half the time, even when he's loosing. And it's worth it to watch him beating someone down with the Life bar and Super bar. Life bar in your FACE!

Online is solid so long as you have a good connection, lag can be a crippler in this kind of game though the developers have tried hard to keep it from being a game breaker. The match making system and balance of charecters means it can be fun if you have a good group to play with, though Its still at it's best when played with friends localy.

Overall, if your a Fighting game fan, it's a must BUY. It's everything we wanted in MVC 3 and more, and worth playing if your either a gamer or a comic fan.

Now then, Fight Night Champion.

If you played Fight night 3 or 4, Champion is a refinement of the concepts put foward in those games. The punch control system that was created, and then changed, and then modified, is modified again here, this time for the better. Rather then long, drawn out motions for harder hits, all hits are mapped to a direction, and this allows for fast and furious punching. A single button or trigger for guard and dodge moves, a button for harder hits, and a far more streamlined control scheme, makes the game alot easier to get into.

That doesn't mean it's easy, as the new controls come with new challenges, such as learning more effective counter punching skills and getting better reflexs developed. Unlike Fight night 3 or 4, it's not possible to go out and win just by power punching an opponent into the canvas.

You might have some success early on, but latter, tactics and defense become critical.

Game modes include the new, and well done, Champion mode, a story mode that takes you from middle wieght prospect, to prison brawler, to heavy wieght champ if you can pull it off.

It's well written and told and does a great job of getting you into the games mechanics and controls, though it has a somewhat uneven curve in difficulty near the end.

Other modes include Fight now, Legacy mode, and online and Gym modes, which allow both only play and a Guild like online component for friends to make there own boxing clubs.

Visually, it's top notch, with the damage effects and fighting being fast, brutal, and intense, though depending on teh type of fighters, it can either be a brutal brawl, or a technical counter punch battle, and the graphics show your fighter getting tired, injured, and bleeding as the fight goes on.

Sound is good, with good voice work, announcer chatter, and a nice music mix, though its only RandB and Hip Hop, so your milage might vary. The hits and blocks are solid, brutal sounding and the power shots hit with a lot of force in audio.

If you liked Fight night in the past, this will not disapoint, though the difficulty curve in certain modes may require a bit of heavy investment.

One special note is the DLC, among other things, you can BUY stats for your boxer, or you can earn them in the games various modes. This means you can ether spend cash to get an early edge, or do the hard work to get your charecter up to snuff.

Weather this is a good thing is up to you.


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