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I just wanted to share my review of this product from my own website with folks here:

My Review:
The PSP Go is by far the sexiest little hand held gaming device I have put my hands on. This bad boy is roughly the same size as my iPhone 3GS enclosed in a Rebel Serpent case. The build quality for the PSP Go seems to be very well executed. This system does not feel cheap! My PSP2000 on the other hand felt like it had loose parts and cheap plastic versus the old PSP1000. People complain dearly how this new PSP needs another analog stick and touch screen and much more; however, these same people forget that the PSP Go is not the next generation of the PSP. The PSP Go is just another iteration of the same generation of PSPs. With that in mind my review for this will be given in a perspective of owning both the original, slim, and now this.

The PSP Go adds the ability to connect a Sixaxis PS3 controller which allows users to play games with the feel of a real controller. Some games are hard to play with the PSP controls and so this is a great bonus. All of this was made possible by the PSP Go due to the new Bluetooth addition, which is one of the best new add-ons. I was able to pair my Plantronics 655 Bluetooth Headset with ease and use it for both gaming and Skype. Tethering to a phone however was another big inclusion, but due to my AT&T carrier and the iPhone's lack of DUN support... this was not going to work for me.

The PSP Go may seem a bit too small and cramped by the looks. I thought the same way when I saw the body first hand. I thought it was going to be uncomfortable! I was so wrong!!! The placement of the buttons were perfect for my hands. I was playing the demo Patapon 2 and Rockband with ease(Note that US got screwed with no real bonus of games with purchase). The slide mechanism felt very smooth and I just wanted to keep opening and closing the device for that weird sensation of movement. The PSP Go I bought was a piano black one... which I really wish was matte due to it being a fingerprint magnet right now. I constantly have to wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth, which sucks.

My main gripes about the PSP Go is actually that NONE of my PSP2000 accessories will work out of the box with the PSPGo. Unfortunately I would have to buy a non-existent converter to use my previous accessories. All of this because Sony felt it was smart to have a proprietary port on the bottom of the PSP! So now to use my video cable to play my PSP on the big screen... I need to purchase a new cable altogether. This sucks Sony!

Currently I am trying everything I can to get my PSP Go to connect to my Location Free Base Station to watch TV on my PSP. For some odd reason I am getting an error: Registration with the base station could not be completed. This is strange because all my other PSPs connect with no problem to the LF-V30 Base Station to use the Location Free Player. I tested Skype, Internet, and Remote Play with no problems. I have an outstanding ticket opened to try and figure out if my PSP Go is a lemon or not. On the bright side I did figure out that if you purchased PlayOn and set it up with the PS3(assuming you own one), you could watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and more via Remote Play. This I will be trying out at work shortly! The Office season 5 isn't going to watch itself ya know?

Well enough ranting here is my simplified Pros and Cons list:

-Smaller and sexier form factor
-Well built and sturdy
-16GB hard drive
-Tethering to phone for internet

-Fingerprint magnet
-Lack of UMD support
-Old accessories do not currently work without converters
-Digital PSN games sometimes cost more than UMDs
-Devastating pricepoint

If you already own a PSP3000, this would not be much of an upgrade. I have a hard time recommending this product to someone who owns a PSP3000 and more than 5 UMDs. If you were to buy this, be sure to keep your old PSP in case of future Sony plans to convert UMD -> digital. If you never owned a PSP at all, this could be a good investment. I chose to purchase this because I am a consumer whore that likes the latest and greatest, also because my old PSP2000 would not fit comfortably in my pocket to take with me on daily commute. Just remember if you purchase this look for deals like on Dell with Bing. Was this thing worth $250? Hell no... but I got it at $182 and that makes it more appealing and worthwhile, at least to me.


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