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Well I watched it....

I can't help but want to call it "wanna be white boy kung fu" but I digress.

They are mixing Picclo up with a few villains he now is the ..er "owner" of the Oozaru the ape..er...were wolf form of a Saiyan.

Yes yes I know bear with me....

So Picclo came 2000ish years before,lost and was sealed away, why Gcame 200 years later whos to say the writers are not paid for detail or dailog IMO... but moving on.

Teenage Goku and Grandfather start out as an atypical martial arts pairing grandfather wise Goku not so much and I wish they would say on them as seeing Goku in school makes my brains hurt, the alter fight with school punks are even more cringe inducing than this pseudo review(or grammar ) I am writing.

I guess I could say Chi chi shows up in the school as his crush and stuff happens...I could go into detail of what happens but at this point and times any assembly of intelligence I may have is running for the darker corners of my mind. So moving along....

By the time he arrives back home after the party the house is destroyed and grandfather is dead because Picclo was after the dragon ball by this time he left Goku showed up in enough time to talked to the old bugger one last time before putting him into a grave by morning. After that he went through a chest to find his orange outfit. Bulma shows up around this time wanting to know where her Orb is it (it seems she found a source of power in them to use to power some form of zero energy power generator thingy) anyway shes pissed there gone and is after them. After a brief conversation Goku trades his services as a body guard to find master Roashi.

They find Roashi a bit later drunk in his apartment in the city(what part of huuuurrmit do you not understand?) anyway they fight for a bit...and Goku fires off a zinger hitting both Roashi and Bulma..it was quit funny(yes there is lulz if you can find it).... so they make up and start to head off to the desert Roashi is quick with his ahnds when he jumps on Bulma bike with her in front and shes almost faster with her pistol, Goku runs behind them with a oversized load on his back.

Roashi begins quick training session(s) ,I say as I try to forget, while their on their way to some place in the desert,I say that because my attention is wondering and its becoming more sandy...

They fall in a trap set by Yamcha minus paru(like a kid side kick/younger sister with a cute speech style would fcking kill them at this point and time...oh well...moving on ) so they do and that and make way to the hidden temple palce thats near a active volcano Piccolo sends in some tall green men clones he made(kinda like the lil ones they fought only human sized) and after that Mai comes in to try and steal a ball..oh yes Mai shes now a gun toting shape shifter under the service of Piccolo.

Moving on they make it to the temple so now they can seal Piccolo, they get to see some of Chi's participation in a martial arts tournament, Mai pops up and afterwords attacks Chi Goku tries to help but is poisoned and almost dies Roushi revives him.

Moveing on we are now at the final stage of the film or at least the last battle (YAY!!!!!), They manage to disrupt the summoning ceremony in yamchas(I think) 4X4 jeep/hummer in hover/flight mode. It gets knocked down Piccolo and Goku exchange a few words before Goku goes all were ape...wolf thing, Roushi tires to seal piccolo and fails the final blow is driveled by "were-ku" in the form of strangulation which really is not a blow but at this point and time I don't really care anymore...if I ever cared at all... anyway after Raushi dies(I wonder how many times I have misspelled his name by now...mmm) Goku goes though a sad memory trip forcing him to revert to his human form.

And I will make this last bit as short as I possibly can, Goku kills Piccolo and revives Rouchi, happy end for all..or something.

Effects and junk
Effects like the movie are not all out bad but the misting/space dust chi effect is...well...blagh....

All in all its not bad considering what it came from and how easily it could have been worse.....er.....est.....

I will almost place this on the same level of Mortal Kombat 1 its one of those bad but kinda fun movies you might like and there's even a part of me that wants to say this is better than Transformers.... but we all know to shoot that voice on sight =^^=

If you have low expectations and want a simple sci fi fung fu mixed weird thing to watch go watch it you might be disappointed you might not be.


Ah modern gaming its like modern film only the watering down of fiction and characters is replaced with shallow and watered down mechanics, gimmicks and shiny-er "people".
Incoherence is my friend and grammar my bane, which is the fulcrum of suffering I place upon others!:ZippyDSMlee

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