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Taxing the church and relieving the burden of the “Jones”.

I say tax the church and I have 2 big reasons for it, one is quality we have to many individual self invested “organizations” and not enough community hubs, yes the church was always the hub of the community and one of main places to get “the word” of not only piety but of news. Your job, the local pub/bar the news paper fill out the rest and over time radio, TV and the internet broaden it more. The church was also one of the main places to gain law and order from that has given us ethics as so we can build a better law system based on the rule of a fair and impartial set of laws. The church should be more focused on the local community we have countless poor and needy hear and it’s not due to them abandoning god but man abandoning them.

While the churches place in society has waned greatly over the past few decades it still should be community focused group but we have mega churches and other business outfits that take too much from local communities and take it elsewhere across the world that make it into a mockery of a high society social club where one dose not ask why you just follow and enjoy the moment gaining from it monetarily and socially as much as you can. This is close to being in my quality rant above but this is more about the business nature of the church and the money it makes off the people.

You’ll probably ask why bring up “the word” IE news in my first few sentences well this brings me to the church and politics, there is a reason why so long ago we diminished the role the church played in politics even if it was somewhat of a childish maneuver(No way you cheated your club has more members and voted me out ,I’ll get with the boys and make it so you can’t gather and talk about politics anymore…) anyway with the abundant resource of news and knowledge we do not need such a simple and un-American rule, let the churches talk about whom they shall on any ground since they do that anyway being ignored until a political rivals church gets in the cross hairs and gets fined for daring to talk about things that would be ignored outside of political season….

Now you are going to say(now what you’ve ended thousands of churches across the nation for what? Taxes? Hatefulness? Spite?) And I shall say (that’s only partial right…) Its only partially right because in order to get them to focus on the community around them we give them tax breaks equal to what they send in said local community, if a millionaire gave away a million and got it back from the government why can’t a church that’s acutly repairing homes,clothing and feeding the homeless do so?

They only get money if they spend it locally IE a church fixes up a few houses in a poor community they get that money back in a year or however the tax cycle works, they feed and clothe the poor they get that money back they will eventually save enough to network with other churches to raise up not just one community but many.

Those that play the high society game(for lack of a better term) by buying guided stages for their long winded TV stations or adding on to a number of mega churches that only act as revue sources to buy another mansion for the “star of the church” or private jet to go trampading on “missions” across the world no that’s frivols expenditure if you feel it’s something you must do you’ll have to find room for it between paying taxes and dealing with other business based issues because you are no longer a community focused nonprofit IMO.

As I have been saying the church is more a business now adays and it should be treated as one only given more for when it tries to help the localities they are in as religion has become more of a social club that scorns “helpful” activity than a community center that wishes to rise up the people both spiritually and with a helping hand.

The tax rebate is critical here and church V state issue does not apply as any religious org Buda, Shinto , Pastafarian ,Christen ,Muslim, Jew, Wicca can get these say you are a church that dose 5-30 grand worth of stuff in the community fixing houses, doing odd jobs for the people of the community like feeding the poor and job skills stuff. They can be refunded up to 100X what they pay in taxes to aid the community this money cannot be used to remodel the church itself or its main facilities you can apply for hardship to get repairs done but that is a separate process.

Also if you are found to abuse the system by remolding houses or using the money as favors or bribes for people that are well off you can lose your tax breaks for a year or permanently or in extreme cases be charged with a felony of tax fraud.

But back to the church say they spend up 30K a year on mostly materials and lil if any on labor if they got 30K from the government they can pay for labor this means jobs this means taxes this means the church can get donations to upkeep itself or do more for the community.

A cap of 300K-800K per church might need to be implemented as you pay out 30K one year 60 the next and it stabilizes at 50-100K or 200-500%.The secondary effects of better stocked community kitchens, community food pantries better more wide spread repair and support programs there is no downside to it as long as abusers are fined or jailed as this money is meant to primarily raise the local community and create better more wide spread saftynets and job programs than to be used for beatification, aesthetics, back rubbing, loans for the well to do, church renovation, its meant to be used for people who are hurt by the times who need a hand up.

Those caught would face tax evasion and grand larceny charges as well as being black listed any group to have a black listed person on its board or given any substantial power will lose tax rebate/refund status.

PCisim a holiday rant

The trouble with PCisim is its flawed logic if the majority of the public is X of coarse they are going to have more displays of X they should not block others wanting to put their display out however they should only share budget that’s in proportion to those that want to display Y because after all that is only fair, to me religion is not as influential as money and that is what must be protected from government at all costs.
And for the anti PC nazis
The war on Charismas is a lie as the world has embraced it as something beyond Christ and in fact in a way it is beyond Christ as his love and hope for humanity is transcended upon the world though varying forms of kindness and humbleness just remember this, absolution in anything is vile insipid madness as we humans may never know perfection while we are alive… because we are human and it is because we are imperfect we live in both the shadows and the light.
Whine about Christmas not being about Christ all you want just remember Christ is Christianity IE forgiveness, humbleness, kindness, leading by a better example…not pettiness(whining) snobbery(ours is better than yours), hatred (Christ is god, god is Christ, there can only be one, damned are the non believers, they are not us), and hypocrisy (I can be forgiven because I joined a better club than you) .

So with this take to the holidays as you will and tell the Nazis in your life….oh sorry can’t use that term….. “fascists” to go jump in front of a moving bus!


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