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As the Chapter Pres for the Oklahoma City chapter, I am preparing a set of questions to ask the candidates for House and Senate. This is something I think is important and would like to get other member's feedback and support.

Here is the letter as I have it now. Please leave feedback.

[QUOTE]My name is Zachary Knight. I am the Chapter President of the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Entertainment Consumer Association (ECA), a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect the rights of video game consumers.

During this election cycle, many of the important topics are covered quite thoroughly by your campaigns and the media. These important topics include things such as the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care, the financial crisis and more. These are important topics that will shape the direction this country travels over the next several years.

But amongst all of these, there are also several topics that don't receive the attention that the above get. These other topics are minor issues when faced with such glaringly important issues, but they are still relevant to people in the areas you represent.

We at the ECA look after the rights of video game consumers. Whether these rights are threatened by the industry itself or the government. Keeping with this, we would appreciate if you could take a few moments to respond to some questions regarding topics that directly affect consumers of the digital age.

These questions are as follows:

1.Earlier this year, The House of Representatives introduced HB 5990 and the Senate introduced S 3315. These bills once passed would require all video games distributed in the US to have an ESRB rating and would make the sale or rental of games rated AO or M to minors under the age of 18 or 17, respectively, illegal. In light of the attempts by several state governments' attempts to regulate video games in a similar fashion and their subsequent rulings to be unconstitutional, do you support this legislation? What other ways would you pursue to reach the desired result?
2.Several Internet Service Providers (ISP) have made efforts to limit internet service to those who pay for it. This includes blocking use of services that tend to use a large amount of bandwidth and placing caps on the amount of data that can be transferred over a customers internet connection. Do you support Network Neutrality, keeping all information on the internet equal? How will you help ensure that internet consumer's rights are protected?
3.Since the passing of the DMCA, content providers have lobbied for more restrictions and laws to safe guard their copyrighted materials. The changes they would like to see could directly and negatively effect such consumer rights as First Sale and Fair Use. Would you support limiting the DMCA to avoid infringing on consumer rights? What steps would you take to ensure that both content providers and content consumers are provided the rights they deserve?

Please respond to these questions by sending your answers to me at [email]ezknight.okceca@gmail.com[/email] I look forward to receiving your thoughts on these important issues.

Thank you for your time and good luck this election cycle.


Jack Thompson wrote:
Only a seriously sick or disturbed or mean person would do a countdown to Jack Thompson's disbarment.
Orson Scott Card wrote:
Me, I prefer democracy - even if it means letting dumb people like me have our say - and our votes. Studies have shown that when you let dumb people vote, it works out way better than letting experts make all the political decisions.
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