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For what it is worth had I not inadvertently discovered GP I surely would not have found out about the ECA. Simply put it has no profile within any of the gamer communities I have checked the past couple days that I have been able to ascertain nor any that I belong to proper. I would like to address this grievous issue.

However at this point I have no official position within the ECA or this forum and I don’t want to step on anyone's toes either. So I hope this thread will be received in the spirit it has been made in. With that said...

There are many ways to promote the community and organization. Some are actively done and others are passively done. Obviously the active methods require a commitment of time and resources and are not easily established or executed. The passive methods are very easy in all regards with a minimum commitment on the part of the participants however.

So for the purposes of this thread let's focus on a simple passive activity. The activity is one of the oldest in the promotional arsenal and it is highly effective at establishing a brand. What I am talking about is a simple visual message that conveys specific meaning or idea. Marquees or billboards is what old-timers would call such things. On the Internet they are called banners, towers, pageads, leaderboards and a whole host of other names depending on size, shape and function.

I believe the active members of this community can make a big difference in getting the word out about ECA and do so at zero cost to the ECA to boot with very little effort and time commitment.

I have attached some simple graphics, animated and standard to this post for people to use on their personal sites, in their signatures within communities that allow such things and emails. There are others but I'm sure you get the point. When you use them please make sure you link them back to the ECA site when possible.

The animated ones cant be attached so I put them one of my domains. The URLs are:


There is much more I want to add but this will suffice for now. If the community and more importantly the ECA is/are interested in getting behind this idea I am more than willing to develop it further.

@Admin/mods - if this is the wrong forum for this please feel free to act accordingly.

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