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News Article of the Story: [url]http://wgem.com/News/index.php?ID=21674[/url]

Video of the Story: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0AvniNq-Ws[/url]

As you all know from the news section of the main site, a GAMEFAQ member yestersay burnt down a Church with GameFAQS moderators doing little or nothing about the incident except suspending those complaining about the man who was talking about committing the felony....then he went and did it and even had a picture of him carving "For CE" in the Church/School...

I for one am not Christian and I hate ignorance and intolerance when it comes from the Left or Right! But this incident could of been averted but as you all know complaining about those committing felonies if it goes against the beliefs of the Moderators will fall on deaf ears and you'll be one step closer to being banned for your troubles...

I am tired of these felonies being ignored and the gamefaq staff acting in ignorance. Though I dislike cNET in general but GameFAQS system of their Volunteer and biased moderators has gone too far ignoring crimes. Hell one former Mods alt account compared the fire as a crime in relation to downloading an MP3...

This is sickening

I advise you don't waste your breath or your time asking or reporting threats to the Moderators, if you have before you'll know what happen to your account.

I am asking for people to come forward if anyone knows anything about this incident how Moderators treated those who tried to report the incident or others such as users bragging about they Molested Children then please do come forward and send an e-mail to these addresses...this is the station that reported the crime

Enough is enough people, staying silent isn't doing any good. What would happen if we left this whole incident in the hands of the moderators and there were people inside that church and school? What if the users complaining about sexually abusing children and talking about how they done it are really commiting the act?

I am tired, this is what I sent the news station. If anyone knows anything please come forward, this was the last straw with me and GameFAQs

[email]news@wgem.com[/email]; [email]dmorehead@wgem.com[/email]; [email]acarothers@wgem.com[/email]; [email]cfernandez@wgem.com[/email]

First off let me say, this is not the first incident on this board in which users have came on bragging about committing a felony or better yet Sexually Abusing Children.

Basically as you all might have researched the site [url]http://www.gamefaqs.com[/url] was bought out by CNET a couple years back however was still run by the old owner and his volunteer moderation system. Thing is, the Moderators of this site typically are a little too the left of the political spectrum and see things as burning churches as a crime as one user stated this morning almost, ‘as bad as downloading an MP3.’

Anyways, since nothing seems to ever get done I unless like the user did yesterday to report the crime to you guys, I thought I would give you guys a heads up on a couple of things.

For the past couple of years there have been members who have been coming on and specifically stated that they had an interest and they have sexually abusing children. Usually like the Church Fire topic, it was deleted with little or nothing happening to the user. As you know after the Jediknight user made his post he was posting on their till up to the time he was arrested thanks to you guys.

One user Klaive has been admitted his desire for children and even made himself a topic in which he once molested a child. The topic was deleted but he is still posting there. Basically the Volunteer Moderators here don’t see an importance of reporting serious matters to authorities unless it is a Suicide Threat or it’s something that might offend their political beliefs.

My account and others when complaining or requesting in various boards on the site for something to be done is often ignored and our topics and accounts can be banned or suspended for complaining about these users.

So basically like yesterday if there was those complaining they were most likely suspended or banned. I know I have had all my topics purged in regarding to your report on the site and me yet again speaking out against Moderators ignoring serious felonies and crimes! Again when we ask them to do something about this and report it to the authories they ignore it and suspend those users.

So what is it going to take for them to actually do something about this matter and take a stand to these serious crimes? Will it take a child being led from this site and being abused or we finding out for years a user bragging about so and so has been abusing a children but Administrators at this site do nothing?

Again a big user who has admitted to harming children on this board is known as Klaive, I know from my account history I have countless suspensions for even complaining about his comments and what this user and others have said.

Please check into this matter because Moderators ignoring a serious crime like the one you reported on is not a freak accident or bona fide error on their part, it’s business as usual.


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