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Xlorep DarkHelm
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Ok, so... my life has been a wreck now. For some history, check the post I made at my website [URL=http://darkhelm.org/2006/10/16/dedicated-to-the-woman-i-love/]here[/URL], and [URL=http://darkhelm.org/2006/11/20/and-then-it-happened/]here[/URL]. That said, I'll try to summarize what has transpired since those two posts.

First off, my fiancee found herself to be pregnant... with my child. Rather exciting stuff, I figured we were already dedicated and devoted to each other, so it was all cool. Things were going OK, she started getting more and more emotional -- something to expect from a pregnancy, and I took it in stride. Then things started falling apart. She started to "demonize" people -- assign motives for actions that were totally out of character for them. She started to demonize me even. She grew more and more distant, we started to fight more and more frequently -- usually me simply defending myself against an increasing barrage of verbal attacks. I still took it in stride, figuring that with the kind of life she had lived... the pregnancy, the wedding, everything started to just get to her. The whole time, I have only been trying to give her and her two girls the kind of life that she had only dreamed about and never thought she would get -- or deserved.

Things continued to progress down this darker, more separated path between us. Then, out of nowhere, she decided she was going to take her girls out to Oklahoma City and visit their relatives -- that is, the relatives of their father, the guy I rescued her and her girls from in August. These same people she spent most of our relationship describing as monsters who treated her and her girls horribly. She was supposed to be gone for Spring Break -- one week. She left for three weeks. And, her ex, the girls' father was out there with her. I found out yesterday that she actually went and picked him up to bring him out there. This is a man she had made a three-page long written statement and put it on public record, signed under penalty of perjury that it was 100% true. Describing him as a physical, verbal, emotional, mental, and sexually abusive man. She literally had cut me off and stopped talking with me. I had set up a cell phone for her to use to keep in touch while she was in Oklahoma, and I can literally count the number of times I talked to her on it on one hand in the past 6 weeks.

She came back -- three weeks after she first left, after my mother threatened to report the car she borrowed to go out there as stolen -- without her oldest daughter. She still refused to talk to me. She said her daughter had "talked", and that I had "gone too far" with her kids. I was confused and taken back. I had literally done nothing but the best for her and her girls. I check the phone bill, see she's used up all the minutes and had gone over. I begged her to stop... twice. She threw guilt trips at me to make it seem like I was intruding. The cell phone is completely in my name, not hers. I'm the one stuck with the bill. I told her I would have to come get the phone, and I did. I saw it sitting charging up, laying on the counter at my mom's condo, where she had been staying. I took the phone and charger, and tried to leave. She held the door closed, grabbed my hand screaming at me, prying my fingers, and even bit the back of my hand to get me to let go of the phone. Struggling a bit, I was able to keep a hold of it and get out of there. She apparently reports a domestic violence case to the local police, claiming I hit her (which I most definitely did not). She went to the ER for pains (related to the pregnancy), and started telling people that I had physically assaulted her... mind you, she has no marks on her at all, I'm the one with the injured hand with cuts from her fingernails, and the back of the hand still giving me problems thanks to her biting me. The police couldn't really do much -- it was a "he says, she says" situation without any corroborating third-party testimony to support either of us.

The meantime, my mother had been planning a trip, for several years now, to visit my Air Force brother in Japan. She left Monday -- the same day of the "fight" over the phone. Tuesday, the day my mother takes off in a plane to head out to Japan, my now ex-fiancee loaded up one of my mother's cars, and without permission to take the car out of town -- she takes off, heading to Oklahoma (we're living in California). She tells multiple people completely different stories that made no logical sense... like to her dad, she said she got permission from the local police station to take the car and go to Oklahoma City with it (I don't even know how to phrase a question to the police to ask if it is OK to steal a car).

Yesterday, I spent changing locks on my apartment and my mother's condominium, as well as changing the phone number of the phone I had originally given her, for her girls' father started making threatening messages -- text and voice (I have a very interesting one saved on that phone right now) to me -- my lack of communication back resulted in the last couple messages being apologetic and trying to appeal to my good side. I just had the number changed so he couldn't bother me any more. I finally got in contact with my mother in Japan, and we pressed charges on the car being stolen. I've provided rather complete information on where she was going, when she left, and the car itself has On*Star on it, which includes a tracking system that makes finding exactly where the car is a breeze. The police are currently on their way to arrest her at gunpoint, take her into custody, and bring her & the car back out here.

At this point -- her life is over. She crossed multiple state lines illegally with a stolen car (and her 2-year-old daughter in tow) -- On*Star reported her average speed being over 110 miles per hour the whole trip. Because of the custody case still open in this county, she also broke the law taking her daughters out of this county, much less into another state. She endangered her youngest child (taking the child with her while committing a felony), and she is going to have the book thrown at her. When she has my baby -- which will most likely be while she's in jail, my baby is due in late August, I'm ending up with full custody, no questions asked. She has destroyed her own life, she has sent her children into Foster care, and has guaranteed she will never get to see our baby.

She needs serious, professional, mental help at this point. She is nowhere near the woman she first attested and pretended to be. I have found evidence that she's been bold-face lying to me as far back as December, possibly earlier. Honestly, why would I need to watch Jerry Springer -- I'm getting to live the experience first hand! I wish I could only be able to make up this kind of thing. At least she'll be taken out from being able to harm anyone else. I'll have my child, and I will give that child the life I had wanted to give my ex and her girls too. I make good money, and can easily financially support my child. I'll just end up taking a crash course in being a single father to a newborn baby -- which I know will be difficult, but very rewarding.

Anyway... I just thought I'd share... Take it or leave it, up to you. I'm still in emotional shock over the situation, and trying to wrap my head around just how crazy and fundamentally stupid this woman really was. Thank God I didn't actually marry her.

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