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Gamespot had this ad that showed a picture of a joint and had two radio buttons, "Yes" and "No". Being me, I clicked yes, and that's the garbage I was bombarded with.

# Weekly marijuana use can double the risk of depression later in life?
That's interesting, because isn't that same statistic, when applied to alcohol, significantly LARGER?

# This risk is even higher for girls; female marijuana users are five times more likely to be depressed at 21 than non-users.2
I don't really know how such an inane statistic could possible be generated, but whatever.

# Teens age 12 to 17 who smoke marijuana weekly are three times more likely than non-users to have thoughts about committing suicide.3
Let me correct that statement:
Teens, age 12 to 17, are likely to have thoughts about committing suicide for no reason other than the fact that their parents found their stash and now won't let them go outside to play with the few friends they have.

# Marijuana use is also linked to an increase in past year anxiety and panic attacks.4
Again, how the hell do you generate such a statistic?

# Marijuana use during adolescence can increase the chance of schizophrenia.5
If you look up schizophrenia and its causes, you'll see that social pressures congruent only with modern society are, in it of themselves, leading to an increase in schizzoids the world 'round.

# The risk of developing schizophrenia is greater with users who begin at an early age.
Define, "an early age".

# The earlier teens start using marijuana, the more likely they are to become dependant later in life.
Same thing applies to cigarettes. Funny isn't it?

# Today, more teens enter treatment for marijuana dependency than for all other illicit drugs combined.8
That's because it's the most commonly used drugs. The term "enter treatment" is very vague and doesn't imply whether these are voluntary submissions to treatment, or enforced ones. If you get busted with enough pot, they'll shove you into rehab without a second thought. Entering treatment because you got busted with the world's most common drug does NOT constitute any sort of statistic. You can't have cops being ordered to kill people just to raise the murder statistic in order to justify pay spikes in police salaries, do you?

Utter nonsense, seriously.


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