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I will say it now I do not like the media mafia and feel it needs severe regulation to keep it under control and make sure the ARTISTS are being taken care of in a positive light...with that said let the ranting begin!

When is something so copy righted that you cannot share it with another,links to webpages and sites are starting to be IP'd so you cannot post them in forums and sites,youtube is the best example of "fair use" mind you share whole shows on youtube that are Copy/intellectual righted is not what I am talking about

Fair use is the gray area of Copy right and intellectual right,meaning I can tape and share clips,ads,segments and other odds and ends not to mention stuff thats not Copy/intellectual righted a[B]s well as parody any thing and do so freely[/B],youtube is making money 2nd handed off these items,its akin to a news site running news and getting ad money from showing that news,things are getting out of hand the Media Mafiaa(Music and Film Industry Association of America) can never claim enough money they have sued people who are dead and/or computer less to mindlessly rake in money,it seems putting quality into what they have is a impossibility so they go after the consumer because they are not buying enough.....

The Video Game industry is part of the nightmare much like movies games are sold new "AS IS" with the only exception being if the disc dose not work,if you hate or loath the quality of the product you are screwed and not being able to return a game thats 3days old for store credit minus a 25% restocking fee on a 40-70$ game makes you wonder what kinda racket they are in not to mention in 3-12months the price on 60%+ of games drops about 50% in price and the game industry still manages to make a 9+billion a year profit...

Fair use itself has been neutered to protect the poor starving industries the DMCA (Digital mellium copyright act)prevents allot of the old fair use laws,meaning you cant update your retail VHS to DVD you cant backup/archive your current video/music collection you can only buy new and buy what the media mafiaa offers.

With government wanting to nanny adult citizenry and protect them from "mature" content(IE life),the Media MAfiaa claiming Godwin on Copy/Intellectual and "the church" disliking "questions" Freespeech is a endangered species.

The new holy trinity Banned,Copy righted,Blasphemous

Downloading off the net is very much like poaching on the kings land,its pretty much a victimless crime,However piracy the "direct" sale of copied items to someone is a bad thing and needs to be punished,however every one must understand the net is not a "free&easy" place bandwidth is costly sites like youtube can cost 5+ grand a month to run if not 3 times that price Youtube is only making millions from the deals it strikes with said media mafiaa not off the ads,yes they are making a profit off ads but at lest half of that goes to sever costs,upgrades and management,ect,

Now add the cost of the Internet it self 20-70 a month depending on where you are for 3 levels of Internet Dailup,slow board band and fast board band ,I am in the boonies I get very resitriced Satilite Internet and pay130 a month for it thats much like DSL in the city thats 30 a month only I can only download 400MB every 8hours and its130$ a month and next year the 600$ hardware will no longer be covered and the price of net will drop 30$ and you cant get them to cover the hardware beyond that...joy....

What I am getting at "free" comes at a price you get a good bit of junk data when you find things you need then to get that data working when tis not junk then theres virus and you pay a premium to get online to boot,the old days of Copy/Intellectual rights mentality are over with the media mafia grasping beyond the grave 100+ years on their Copy/Intellectual rights,the industry will cling to their Copy/Intellectual rights stagnating new ideas and creativity and new modes of industry,if the media mafiaa embraced fair use and got with pay per download sales the industry would be floating in twice as much money from net sales alone...then squash any download site thats not contracted to sale directly to the public.

But they would rather not turn a larger profit blame the consumer for not buying enough and stealing money from their hands(1 download=2X loss in sales,wha..??) as well as create copy protection schemes that decimate computers and spy on users,is it no wonder some people equate "data" with "speech" and demand that speech should be free ,and if you wish to buy that speech in well encased formats from their maker than so be it,but if you claim "downloading a speech" thats 5 years or more old is wrong then show me how the media mafia makes a profit of the sale of used items because their is no diffrance in them both get you to the same goal without paying for the IP/CP,in the end the populace has the right to ignore the rich,but not make a profit off them....


Ah modern gaming its like modern film only the watering down of fiction and characters is replaced with shallow and watered down mechanics, gimmicks and shiny-er "people".
Incoherence is my friend and grammar my bane, which is the fulcrum of suffering I place upon others!:ZippyDSMlee

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