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First things first:Consumer rights

From ZippyDSMlee(gamepoliticsforums)
To:Hal or anyone that cares....looking at the industry it only cares about itself....

Its time to let the publishers and their slaves in retail know the consumers are tied of being treated like a enemy,the right of returning a bad or poorly made product is the right of the consumer and yet the Media industry has raped that right from the hands of the unwilling consumer.

With Steam not offering a simple trade game system for tis retail releases and making said games "ONLINE ONLY" and Gamestop/EBs latest assault on used gaming (the ban of selling used PC games) enough is enough its time to return to the day of "right of return" however a new system needs to be put in place to ensure all retailers comply with treating the consumer as a consumer not a pirate or a thief with that the retailers are not alone in this publishers need to buck up and share in losses something to help retailers deal with the momentary losses from returns.

I am not unreasonable I might be insane(I am Zippy after all) but I am not unreasonable here are a few steps I see that would greatly enhance my willingness to buy a new product from a "main" retailer

1. 3-10 day return period.
2. 5-25% restock fee.
3.New returns can be labeled as new or "Restock" and be sold at 80-90% of current retail price.
4.Each person is limited to 2-6 games a month,you can enhance this right of return by offering premium memberships where you can return a game no questions asked within the time period specified.


Why should publishers shear in the losses of bad games...do I really need to answer a question that has been answered?
I am unsure how publishers track returns and defects but this system needs to be overhauled and made more public if they refuse to do this they should pay 5% of cost to the retailer for being a racket and not a regulated business.

1.Need to mange the information of "bad" and defects better.
2.Need to be aware that the populace is unhappy with the anti consumer practices they do,its one thing to create a key system that will lock a game if it sees that key has been baned but let it function offline (IDs key system) its another to make a offline game and once you update it can not run without being online (HL2 and other steam games) not to mention the copy protection on PC games that destroy drives or drivers crash the OS or impair performance, copy protection has its place but its only causing more damage to sales than helping.

3.Improve Copy protection by making it more consumer friendly,a system like IDs key system you can tie updates to it making it that it more annoying to update without a valid key,creating a simple forum system with keys tied to accounts in order to get updates and such these are steps the the industry needs to take not highly failable multi million dollar anti consumer copy protection schemes that get cracked after a week.

The Final Misnomer
Piracy is not the cause of poor sales poor products and a industry that treats its consumer as miscreants is...
To blame the consumer for not buying enough is a sign of arrogance on a new level,you do not lose a "profit" on each copy shared,you do lose some money I am not that blind however by making a product that halves in price in 5 months that most of the time is poor quality that can not be returned after a few days that may have high anti consumer properties you have already lost money before you even sold or "shared" your first copy.

Much like the Anti Game bills Blaming piracy for poor game sales is akin to saying violence is porn and should be banned,do not think all consumers are sheeple and can be lead to the slaughter.

There are 3 main reasons for piracy
1.its free will always be the dominating factor over free is never easy and comes with its own set of hurdles getting a "pirated" game to work is not always easy.

2.Lack of the ability to return a "bad" game.

3.demos are not like they where in the 90s,most of the time you get large and very content limited demos almost to the point where it dose not really show anything.

In the end most of the blame on poor sales fall on the makers not the consumers put the blame where you will but improving consumer relations,having the ability to return a bad game in 3-7 days and providing better demos and higher quality games will help the industry more than blaming the consumer for not buying 2 copies of every game they buy,you are not Hollywood you don't need to pad your numbers like that....

Thanks for your time
Lee Jarvis/ZippyDSMlee

p.s:I'll be posting this email and any replies on [url]www.gamepoliticsforums.com[/url]


Ah modern gaming its like modern film only the watering down of fiction and characters is replaced with shallow and watered down mechanics, gimmicks and shiny-er "people".
Incoherence is my friend and grammar my bane, which is the fulcrum of suffering I place upon others!:ZippyDSMlee

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