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((A short disclaimer, i put this thread in O/T because A)I needed to get replies
B)This is a fic and doesn't actully have to do with playing Wow. On th condition that this thread is unnecesarry, may i plese ask that it be moved to MMO talk? I included a Link, as well as people's replies on the forums.))


Apparently, Most people think that he has an undead character model to represent his state of decay, But i know better.

He was the world's First, and Only Paladin to retain his light powers despite turning into a Forsaken. He was sent down to Uldaman by Slvyanas windrunner, who feared what kind of secrets the alliance would discover, and wanted to destroy whatever was down there in order to spite them.

The Undead Pally walked into the Abandonned Dig, fighting all manner of Dark iron and Troggs. With his superior abilities, he swept his enemies aside, and came upon a massive blue trogg. Revelosh charged at the Forsaken Paladin While yelling primally, and him and his band almost overcame him. But alas, he destroyed the other troggs with a consecration spell, although it effected him too....

The Pally hammer of justiced Revelosh, and finished him off, Cannabalizing his corpse. He then looked ahead at the map room.....with his enemies vanquished, would he advance forward? No, they may be setting a trap for him.....

He crept into a nearby stone hallway....was it clear? He looked around the side...ever so carefully.....steady....steady..........

The coast was clear. The Paladin walked out of the corner and-

-Suddenly, Two dozen Troggs fell on him like a savage landslide, bearing all manner of clubs and boomerangs, they rioted around and over him, But the Forsaken Pally would not sumbit, He bashed them aside with his Hammer, although for each one he killed, two took it's place. The battle grew intence beyond recognition, as the Corpse, charged with The holy light, slammed aside troggs, who fell like rocks, their countless bodies plastering the walls and floor, The Paladin was growing ever more wearied as the primative humanoids continued their onslaught.....

65% health....




Knowing that the battlee would be lost if he din't do something to cure himself, The Undead pally called on every reserve of his light...And a brillant flash flooded the hallway, blinding the troggs!

"Lay on hands!" The pally yelled in gutterspeak.

A body feel to the ground.

The flash faded.

Wilmarth Rotlight, the world's first and only Forsaken Paladin....

Had one-shotted himself. And that was his story

Megahedron: I lol'd.

Kamikaze always sets me into giggles. Especially accidental kamikaze. And ones that don't do anything but hurt you.

Silkford: good read

Shambulls: LOL Very well done ,Three cheers to you sir

Orionpax: There is a forsaken pally at Light's Hope Chapel, always has been. ;)

Tidestalker: He's not a pally. Just because he's in the Argent Dawn doesn't automatically make him a pally. He's just another warrior serving the light. But not a pally!

Impakt: ...and to think he wasted a 1hr cooldown...

Turrin: Are you sure he wasn't chatting with his friend... then his finger slipped and hit DI?

Emrimion: A very good read. /Encore

Jethro: *qoutes turrin*ive done that

Sokrag: A pretty funny story.

I, myself, believe that, depending on the purpose of the spell being casted, the channeled magic energy can be either harmful or beneficial to any target. For example, a healing spell, intended to mend wounds, could heal the undead, while a bolt of light energy, like Smite, can damage the living.

Grahamr: Wow..thanks! .this i think is the most praise i've ever gotten on the Intarwebz...I'm proud :)

Yea, the AD Undead dude is cool, but not a pally.

Grahamr: Eh, Am i permitted to bump in order to innocently and civiliy(sp?) prolong my modest 15 seconds of benign fame?

Merfet: lol a very good read. good job on the story telling =)

Mortex: awwww...

loved it. you should write more stories!

Arngrim: I wanna be a forsaken paladin...but if he were smart he would cast bubble + holy light + seal of wisdom and regain all his mana back...well after judgeing seal of light that is

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